Jana & Ryan | Winter Engagement Shoot at Lake Louise

December 20, 2019

The magnificent towering allure of the Canadian Rockies brings travelers from all over the world. From hiking, climbing, and biking in the summer months to cross-country, downhill skiing and heli-skiing in the winter, there is an abundance to see and do in Banff and Lake Louise.

I feel lucky each and every day to live so close to Moraine Lake and Lake Louise as a Calgary photographer, so I was not surprised when Jana & Ryan traveled from California to experience The Canadian Rockies for a winter engagement shoot! Beaming in its full glory, the famous Banff National Park was showcasing everything and more as to why people travel to The Rockies.

All the glory the Rockies offer is the reason I emigrated from England to Canada. I had to live in Canmore close to Banff and Lake Louise so that I can explore all the wonder the mountains offer. Living the dream brings a great deal of happiness to me so when I’m hired to capture such special moments in this location, I am thoroughly excited.

Combining a lot of laughter with hugs and love in The Canadian Rockies

We decided to explore the Victoria Glacier in Lake Louise by snowshoes. Combining a lot of laughter with hugs and love in the Canadian Rockies, we trudged through the deep snow Lake Louise offers. Deep snow running with snowshoes on for two people who were used to walking hand-in-hand barefoot on their California beach made my ribs split with happiness. Seeing their genuine love and enthusiasm for each other was a sensational way to spend my afternoon.

With the Fairmont Chateau Hotel at Lake Louise in the background, blue skies, and Lake Louise Ski Resort seen behind the hotel, l how much better could this location get?! It’s often hard to believe how lucky one is when we’re surrounded by such awesomeness and that I’m here capturing an extraordinary moment in time for this couple.

How can we bring this vulnerability out and feel safe?

Years ago I changed the meaning of an engagement shoot. For me, an Engagement Shoot can offer so much more than photos. The standard thinking is an engagement shoot is a way to warm up to their wedding day photography or a tick list thing to get done. Not at Geoff Wilkings Photography! I strongly believe in getting to know my clients and most importantly, learning what you love about one another. What is important to you? What is the most valuable attribute of your partner? How can we bring this vulnerability out and feel safe? I think that any photographic experience is about what is essential to you and understanding how you see your loved one. I explore this during an engagement shoot so I can discover if it’s the way you look at your partner lips, eyes, hands and more. Allowing to photograph within any situation and anywhere and knowing what is essential to you results in photographs that have more meaning. Isn’t this more important than “practicing” or a “warm-up” to your wedding day. These are the photographers that are Wall Art worthy.

Learning what is important to you ahead

What happens if a couple doesn’t opt for an engagement shoot? Does this mean that the bride and groom will have inferior photographs on their wedding day? Nope, far from it at Geoff Wilkings Photography. As a fulltime professional photographer in Calgary, Banff, Lake Louise and other exciting areas I treat all photography shoots the same. Learning what is important to you ahead of time allows for a fabulous shoot and no warm-up is required. Isn’t that more important and have more meaning? Doesn’t this hold more depth than just a shoot that has no emotion and connection to you? I believe it does and my couples love my approach along with me.