Your Photographic Experience

Photography that celebrates you & those you love

I am a people person and highly creative but this is not about me

this is About You

Your wedding day photographic experience is your time to be photographed and celebrated with the ones you love and then printed perfectly with a stunning heirloom album and wall art.


Your Experience

Your photographic experience begins during our first conversation and continues throughout your wedding journey. For many, it doesn’t even stop on the delivery of their wedding heirloom album as it’s my aim is to reach far beyond delivering fabulous photographs. During your experience, I will learn what is truly important to you. Knowing what is important to you allows me to create an effortless and fun part of your wedding day plans.
I will be there for you from start to delivery of your album and beyond. Are you ready?

Take a peek below by viewing:


The Steps

1. Enquiry – Booking

It starts with a phone or Skype or let us go straight in with an appointment at my in-person-meeting area located at my home. This area has been designed specifically for consultations where Wall Art and Albums are on display for you to enjoy. After booking, and everything looks great you will receive a one of a kind Geoff Wilkings 70 Page Bridal Guide. Within the guide tons of helpful tips and ideas on what to wear, how to structure your wedding day timeline, the bride and groom getting-ready ideas, buffer time and way more.

2. Forever Session

Clients LOVE this incredible time to learn how to be photographed professionally. I will guide you throughout your session making sure you learn plenty of tips and tricks. I certainly don’t leave you alone to wonder what to do.

After your forever session you get to see your photographs in my design consultation area with a personal cinematic presentation. Super cool.

3. Timeline

Your personal wedding day timeline is built for you. I’m not wanting to miss anything on your day so communication ahead of your wedding day is very important. My aim is for you to wake up on your wedding day and not to have to worry about professional photographic coverage. Afterall, do you realize I am the one person who you’ll see all day? Hair and Makeup artist, wedding planners, florist come and go all day. I’m there so it’s in my interest for your day to go crazy well.

4. Wedding Day

Today is your wedding day. WOOT WOOT.

Press play. Open the bottles of champagne and have fun.

This is where hiring the right people kicks into high gear. A stress-free day is what we’re after. The only thing you should be thinking about is walking down the aisle and having fun.

5. Album Reveal

Once your day has been photographed, approximately eight weeks later we arrange a time for you both to come by for your cinematic album reveal. I will create an album layout and display this for you to relive your wedding day for the first time. A story is told of your day where you both can share moments of your day for the first time.

From here we make any photograph changes to your album design layout.  I then book in time to highly retouch the photographs that go within your album and then it is sent to New Zealand for printing. I know that your album is a priority so I waste no time. Your album should not be a wedding anniversary gift.

6. Album Delivery

As a creative and putting my heart into my profession, I absolutely love this part. Seeing a finished piece of art and handing it over to you brings an incredible amount of joy to me. Watching you view your day with and knowing I listening to you and delivered a product that will last you forever is truly an experience.

This is what I do for a living and seeing from start to finish a complete product brings a lot of happiness to me.

The GW Bride

Geoff Wilkings

The GW Groom

Geoff Wilkings

The GW Couple

Geoff Wilkings

An Inside look at
The GW Bride & Groom

She cares about the details

She is not obsessed but she cares deeply about the details of her day. Her flower arrangement, her hair, makeup and her dress. She also cares about the details of others around her. Her day won’t be ruined if a detail was missed.


She doesn’t want to be stressed

She wants an incredible day with low stress. She wants laughter, delight, joy and for the day to run with the way it’s supposed to run. This is her day that she’s been dreaming about and wants love, smiles, and happiness. 


She cares deeply about photography

She knows the importance of fabulous photography and how photographs are the one thing that she must have.


She wants to LAUGH

She so wants to have fun and laugh. Not taking things too seriously, she wants to hug her Dad, giggle with the girls, love her man, party during the night. 


She wants to feel natural

She would take an unperfect photo that has true emotion within it over the award-winning photo that has no connection to her. She wants photographs that look great yet natural and not too posed looking.


She’s romantic

She thinks about the written note that she’s not written yet. She cannot wait to wear her dress. She cannot wait to see her man on their wedding day. She’s excited for the day to begin.

He wants to be involved

He’s excited about his wedding day and wants to be involved.  He values the importance of his wedding day and what getting married stands for. He cares deeply about his day. 


He cares about others

He takes care of himself yet he sincerely cares about other people. He would get up in the middle of the night and wouldn’t think twice about helping a friend in need.


He cares about his appearance

His wedding day is very important to him and he’s taking the time to make sure he’ll look great. He might even wear a Dicky Bow and secretly cannot wait to work out how to tie it even though he has absolutely no idea.


He’s a class act

He’s polite, he’s a gentleman. If there’s a puddle, he’ll be the first to hold his up his bride’s wedding dress to keep it clean.


He has heart

He might be shy, but if a tear were to fall during his wedding day he would let it go and not hide his emotions.


He wants to feel organic with photographs

A wants fabulous photographs but doesn’t want to feel awkward and fake when photos are taken. When he genuinely hugs his bride and wants that real moment to be captured.
He wants his true character to be photographed, so when looks back to his wedding day photographs he can feel and remember that day.

They love to hug and hold hands

During the wedding reception, they’re sitting at their head table holding hands listening to the laughter and conversation of others around them. They love this moment. 


They’re adventurous and driven

They know the importance of life and how long it is. They want to see and explore as much of life as possible. 


They’re best friends & support system

They can listen to each other and support each other’s dreams. They won’t laugh at each other for believing in their goals. They can go out for a beer, glass of wine and just hang as best friends.


They’re busy

Cost is important to them but they’re busy and appreciate the value in photography. They want to be taken care of with from their photographer with fabulous photographs that will stand the test of time.


They’re selfless

They love doing things for other people.  They’ll be there for each other when the other if the one is sick. They know the importance of giving their heart.


They love to laugh

Laughter, be it over coffee, a glass of wine or on a walk together or with friends they know the importance of it. 

I am so lucky at what I do for a living
Waking up every day doing what I’m passionate about in life creates much joy.
Pouring my heart into my photography and being transparent is very important to me.


Success can only be achieved by being clear and open.
Below are several FAQ’s, if I’ve missed anything please contact me and I’d be happy to answer any other question you may have.

How many weddings do you photograph per year?
I stop at 20 weddings per year as I want to be fresh for your wedding day but I also believe in a balance of staying fresh in with my art. If I photograph just a handful of weddings then I’m rusty. If you’re wanting a “run of the mill” photographer who isn’t artistic then you won’t mind someone who is photographing back to back weddings. I value the importance of such your special day so being tired is not an option, you’re way too important to me.
Do you communicate with us throughout our journey once booked?
I love communication, I certainly won’t ignore you. I truly encourage communication as the more I know about your day the better I can cover it. Email, phone or Skype me, my communication doors are wide open.
What is your style of photography?
Creative, Fine Art, Fashionable, Timeless, Fun and Experimental. Oh, I like experimentation.
Not just a run of the mill photography. Your images are art and my clients who book me love and respect incredible photography.
Will you be our photographer or will an associate photographer photograph our wedding day?
No surprises, you hire me and that’s who you get, no assistant or associate photographer. You hire the best, you get the best.
What about the digital images, do I get these?
Digital photos are available for purchase. These photos have basic adjustments made to them i.e. color corrected, straightened, and brightened.
Please think of my editing skills like an artist (of which I am) or painter. Each retouched photograph has my personal strokes applied to it. For this reason, these highly retouched edited photographs are the ones that make the album cut or displayed on your wall as wall art. Most clients invest in a gorgeous heirloom album and some wall art showcasing their amazing day. If clients purchase the basic edited photos it’s purely to have them stored in a safe.
Do you have insurance ?
Yes yes yes and yes. Absolutely yes. Who wouldn’t in this day and age. To me, not having business insurance is like driving a car with no insurance. It’s extremely incompetent, unprofessional and a liability. If your vendor requires a copy of my insurance I would be happy to provide a copy.
Do you specialize in weddings and engagement shoot?
I love photographing weddings but I also love photographing family photography. Look at the top of this page where you can view my family page. Just to warn you, it’s pretty amazing.
How long does it take to see our photographs after our wedding day?
Your photographs are ready to be seen within 8 weeks when I design an album layout specifically for your first reveal via a cinematic presentation. If needed we can then swap some photographers around creating the perfect album for you. You receive your album in 3 months. Your photographs and album shouldn’t be an anniversary gift.
Do you offer an Album within your collection?
Imagine investing in professional photographic services and you end up with your images on a flash drive. What will you do with them? Most people have no idea what to do with them and most importantly they won’t do a thing with them i.e. you’ll never look at again. You won’t develop any photos (okay maybe one), or you’ll pop to a cheap lab to have a stunning image destroyed by inferior printing standards (ie it’ll fade if not printed correctly by using archive quality inks and paper). I ask you, what was the point in hiring a professional unless something is done professionally with your stunning images. For this reason (and a few more) is why I include a number of photographs towards your heirloom album. I want you to have something that is amazing to take away and thoroughly cherish. My clients LOVE their albums and are worth every penny.
Do you have a second photographer?
Due to my photography being a creative art, my clients who book me want my vision when taking the shot so I’m pleased to let you know that I will be the photographer on your day. In general, second photographers are principally nonprofessionals and are often beginners, weekend warriors, or even a husband and wife fill in helper who often work along the main photographer. When I’m hired, my clients are hiring me for my particular look and vision that I’m able to capture which no second photographer can capture. I receive many requests per week for photographers trying to break into the industry and will shoot under my umbrella. This is not about not being able to get a second photographer, this is about providing photographs of a standard and look. Make sure you know who’s photographing your day.
Your wedding day is too important to be left in the hands of nonprofessional. I want to create fabulous photographs for your wedding day. The clients who book me simply love my work and that’s what they receive on their wedding day.
Tell me a little something about yourself?
 I am from London England so yes, I have a funny brit accent 🙂 I’m married to Tammy my beautiful wife and I also have two amazing baby boys called Charlie and Henry. I understand how it feels to prepare for your big day and to be married. The journey is amazing.
I always feel stiff in front of the camera, will you help me relax?
Feeling stiff in front of the camera is a fear for many clients. With my approach, you can relax allowing your love for each other to be captured
Do you offer an engagement session?
Absolutely, I love engagement or “forever” session. They’re amazing. The benefits of an engagement shoot is mind-blowing. I teach you how to be photographed and look awesome.
Do you travel and where are you located?

Yes yes and yes. I love to travel. Love it… I was raised in England and left 20 years ago when I was 21 years of age. When I left, I simply traveled for 5 years and feel in love with the Canadian Rockies and New Zealand. I decided to emigrate to Canada 17 years ago and wow it’s been one amazing journey. Travel is a big part of my life.

I am definitely an international traveler so if you’re planning to host your wedding day anyway in the world and would like to hire me, the answer will likely be yes.

I now live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Prior to this, I lived in Canmore, Alberta for 10 years so I’m fully up to speed with all those cool locations to shoot in The Canadian Rockies. The Rockies is a fabulous place to live but for me being a busy photographer, husband, father it makes more sense to live in Calgary.

Your Incredible Wedding Day


Proud to be a full-service full-time photographer offering clients a stunning range of Wall Art pieces to Heirloom Albums. Offering a range of products from Metal to Canvas products I am your one-stop professional photographer.
All you need to is open your heart and enjoy the journey.