Lake Louise Wedding Photographer

As a premier wedding photography studio serving Lake Louise, Geoff Wilkings Photography is proud to provide my services throughout the Lake Louise area. Geoff covers couple photography, wedding reception, ceremony, first look, getting ready, portraits, and elopement photography.

Lake Louise is surrounded by incredible scenery and located close by other magical areas in Alberta. Geoff is a world-class Lake Louise wedding photographer and makes sure your wedding day is photographed with the incredible scenery that Geoff is known to capture.

Your Lake Louise Wedding

There is a lot to plan for when you book and reserve your Lake Louise wedding. You have to book your flowers, cake, marriage commissioner, wedding planner, venue, and your photographer. With so many details, what is that you want to remember ten years later? You likely want Lake Louise in Alberta to be photographed, so it is not a distant memory but a living moment as if the photographs are alive with emotion.

At Geoff Wilkings Photography, I understand that your photos are everything to you and will provide timeless and emotional imagery within the photographs. You will get to celebrate your Lake Louise photos as Wall Art or Heirloom Albums allowing for a story to be told for not just one day but through generations. I would be proud and humbled to serve as your Lake Louise wedding photographer.

Winter photograph at Lake Louise wedding photographer and a bridal party

Wedding Photography in Lake Louise

Lake Louise is a world-class location and often known as a destination location to host a wedding because of its magnificent views classed as The Canadian Rockies.

Lake Louise is wrapped with grand scenery with many hikes available; Lake Louise offers a small selection of shops that are surrounded by stunning mountains. With limited venue options in Lake Louise, you will find that hotels and outdoor venues get booked a year or more in advance. From the famous Chateau Lake Louise to Lake Louise Ski Resort, Moraine Lake, Deer Lodge, Lake Louise Inn, or hosting your wedding on the shoreline of Lake Louise with a simple elopement, I would be honored to capture what is important to you. Due to the limited options in Lake Louise for vendors, most travel from Calgary which is a 2.5-hour drive from Lake Louise. Knowing ahead of time the average costs involved for a Lake Louise photographer along with other vendors is important.

Groom and Bride on a wall located at Lake Louise with Victoria Glacier in the backgroud

Elopement Photography in Lake Louise

Without any doubt, Lake Louise is a world-class location for your elopement. With Lake Louise being inside a National Park and as long as you have the correct photographer who holds the legal documentation, we can venture to remote areas for your elopement. With nobody around, you can share your wedding vows with your partner overlooking Moraine Lake at sunrise or sunset. How majestic would this be?

Engagement Photography in Lake Louise

Lake Louise is beyond beautiful. The landscape, the history, the friendly environment, offers the perfect engagement photography session. My clients who choose the distinct and unforgettable Landscape of Lake Louise are rewarded with photographs that will stay with them forever and beyond.

Clients are more than welcome to change outfits a couple of times; however, I find my clients experience Lake Louise with clothes that reflect the environment. Rather blend into the breathtaking scenery, it is often enjoyed with a contrast of colors or Lake Louise can be neutral color tones with sheer fabric. The key is to feel amazing in what you wear than focus on having to change. A piece of Art Work is best enjoyed with the same color theme, so changing too often can confuse the chosen Artwork.

Frozen Lake Louise photo of and  engagement session with the couple playing in the snow.

The Climate in Lake Louise

Lake Louise is often joked about with its seasons being just Summer and Winter and missing Spring and Fall altogether. The lake thaws around mid-May and starts to freeze late October. This leaves a short season to photograph weddings in Lake Louise due to the shoulders seasons. Winter in Lake Louise is spectacular, and often, I photograph couples in love with snowshoes on playing in the snow. In the winter, it can range from plus 10 to – 40 deg Celsius. During the summer months, it ranges from 5 to 32 deg Celsius. The key during your visit to Lake Louise is to dress in breathable layers. Remember, wait five minutes as the weather will change.

Hiring a wedding photographer professional

The best wedding photographers travel to Lake Louise for photography sessions. Calgary is just 2.5 hours away, and this is no problem at all at Geoff Wilkings Photography Studio. With insurance, national park license, and knowledge of the area, you are sure to have a fantastic Lake Louise wedding, engagement, or elopement shoot.

FAQ for Lake Louise

How do I get to Lake Louise?

You can get to Lake Louise via a rented vehicle or a shuttle from the airport.

How long does it take to get to Lake Louise from Calgary Airport?

From Calgary International Airport, it will take approximately 2.5 hours to drive to Lake Louise Village and a further 10 minute to Chateau Lake Louise from Lake Louise Village.

What is the elevation of Lake Louise?

Lake Louise is 5,200 ft or 1,600 m above sea level.

What is the population of Lake Louise?

The population of Lake Louise is 691 people as of 2011. The reason why the population is so small is not to disturb the wildlife. With too many buildings and overpopulating Lake Louise, the environment will change dramatically, thus disrupting the wildlife corridor.

Are you allowed to swim in Lake Louise?

Swimming is not permitted in Lake Louise.

Can you fish in Lake Louise?

No fishing is permitted at Lake Louise.

How long does it take to walk around Lake Louise?

You cannot walk around Lake Louise; however, there is a trail that goes to the back of Lake Louise, which is 2km in length. You can walk further, allowing for a loop trail that can loop you to the Upper Bee-Hive.

What is the best months to travel to Lake Louise for a wedding?

June 1st to October 1st is best for weddings if you wish to have the thawed lake in your photographs. January 1st to March 30th is best to experience winter in Lake Louise.

Where does the name Lake Louise come from?

Lake Louise was named after Princess Louise Caroline Alberta (1848-1939), the fourth daughter to Queen Victoria, who was married to John Campbell, the Governor-General of Canada.

Why is the water at Lake Louise turquoise or so blue?

The turquoise water color at Lake Louise is rock flour that is from melt-water from Victoria Glacier that feeds directly into Lake Louise.