At this moment in time, I am sure that you have a lot of questions. After all, this is a very exciting time for you and your partner.

To trust me to photograph one of the most important days of your life is something I do not take lightly, I am thrilled and honored that you are here.

So yes, you should have questions, a lot of questions.



Yes, I do, as I pour my heart into every wedding, fueled by a passion that extends beyond the lens. From meticulous planning to capturing every moment and then editing your photographs, it's a labour of love that demands more time and energy than most realize. Your celebration is paramount. You deserve a photographer as committed to your special day as you are. Thus, to guarantee my undivided attention and quality, I select a limited number of weddings to photograph each year.

There are such surprises, you hire me, and this is who you will receive — no assistant or associate photographer. You are hiring me because of my style. My style, character, professionalism is unique, like you? Nobody in the world can copy you or see our incredible world the way you do. This goes the same for photography; what you see within my portfolio is what you'll receive.



Yes, I am 100% fully trained.

I believe that I document some of the most important aspects of people's lives. For this reason and a few others, I decided to attend professional photography in Victoria, BC, in 2005. I qualified as a fully accredited photographer.

Today, the entry bar to photography is very low, where anyone can buy a camera and call themselves a professional. I believe in fabulous light, genuine emotions, and professional gear, thus raising the bar in photography. I would be delighted to share with you albums and wall art where you can see the difference.

I'm very proud to say that I do shoot alone. Why? You know precisely what you're going to get. The photos in my portfolio are my photographs, and this is the calibre of work you will receive.

Associate photographers connected to a leading brand photographer are often not the quality you love. Please be careful by associate photographers; they often work under the leading studio brand as they're not professionals and are only trying to start a photography business and build a portfolio. I suggest not gambling with associates; make sure in writing that the person you love who you love is the one who will be capturing your incredible day.

I could hire 2 or 3 photographers, my partner, or a friend who is not a trained professional, but I do not. What I offer you is a true profession, and you should know who you commission on one of the most important days of your life. You cannot redo this day!

With me at Geoff Wilkings Photography, you will receive 17 years of professional wedding photography under my belt; I have photographed close to a thousand weddings. I have captured a two-person elopement and an 800-person wedding. Knowing how a wedding operates and what is important to people is key. I know where to be, how to organize myself for your day, and what to capture. Do not be fooled by a photographer who says I have two photographers. Please meet us and check us out.


Elegance, Amour, and Panache.

I adore Fine Art, Fashionable and Timeless photography.

It's not just a run-of-the-mill photography. Your images are art, and my clients who book me love and respect incredible photography.


Allow for 50 to 75 photographs per hour. When hired for 10 hours, I shoot continuously, ie, the time is not broken up. If your day involves less or no driving, you might receive more, but if you plan to drive a lot, then you'll receive less. I pride myself on Quality over Quantity.

An album is a celebration and story of your day; it's not a scrapbook. It's taken years to understand the flow of a wedding day. I proudly showcase a digital album to you for your first reveal.

After the reveal, we work together as a team to make any changes, allowing you to have the final word. This is your album and will be with you forever; I want it to mean the world to you.


On average, 10 to 16 months before your planned wedding date. It might sound like a long time, but when planning for one of the most incredible days ever, this is the perfect amount of time. The time we plan, chat, build a fabulous connection, possibly capture your engagement shoot, and so much more, a year passes by with a click of fingers.

I love to travel. I was raised in England and left when I was 21. When I left, I travelled for five years and fell in love with the Canadian Rockies and New Zealand. I decided to emigrate to Canada in January of 2000, so yes, I love to travel and would be honoured to photograph your destination wedding.

I now live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Before this, I lived in Canmore, Alberta, for ten years, so I’m up to speed with all those excellent locations to shoot in the Canadian Rockies. The Rockies is a fabulous place to live, but being a busy photographer, husband, and father, it makes more sense to live in Calgary.


Yes, absolutely. The photographs are yours to enjoy and print and backup to keep forever. This is not a commercial shoot where those photographs are purchased per image use; this is your wedding day.

You'll be able to enjoy and print them forever.

Eight to ten weeks after your wedding. I'm super proud of delivering edited photographs on time.

Contact Geoff

I look forward to speaking with you soon


Below are the step involved






You cannot reach your destination unless you know how to get there. This goes the same for your wedding day.

To help your planning you will receive from me a wedding guide. I personally created a 106 page wedding guide to help you plan your wedding day. Within the guide it covers many things that you might not have thought about. However you plan for your day, make sure to plan it and know that my doors are always open for communication.

A wedding planner is another option for you. If you're unsure of what a wedding planner does or their options I have created an article explaining the options available.



My couples love to celebrated their love for each other without any distractions during their engagement shoot.

During your wedding day, you will be getting ready, seeing friends, hugs, love, ceremony, reception, portraits, family shoot, and more. A lot is going on, and yes, we'll be photographing your portraits; however, your wedding day is its own celebration.

Your engagement session is a time to share your love as a stand-alone session and have your gorgeous photographs placed onto your home walls as Wall Art. You will get to see this celebrations every day of the week.

After your engagement session, you will come by for your in-person cinematic presentation. If you're from out of town, this is achieved on the same day as your shoot where I'll guide you through professionally printed pieces and what will look best. In short, I take away obstacles for you making sure what you select is perfect. After all, you are hiring a professional, and I'm here for you.



Your wedding day photography timeline is created for you by myself. I do not want to miss anything on your day, so communication ahead of your wedding day is essential. My aim is for you to wake up on your wedding day and not worry about professional photographic coverage.

I often work directly with wedding planners to organize my photography timeline; however, I do communicate with you making sure that I learn about what's meaningful to you.

If I turn up not knowing who you are or what's important to you, I will miss being able to photograph key moments in your life. For instance, it might be a beautiful moment between you and your mom and such a moment it will mean everything to you, and if I miss this significant moment, how will that make you feel?

I wish not to miss incredible moments for you, meaning that your wedding day photography will be personally handcrafted by me just for you.


Rings shoes jewelry as they lay flat during a Banff wedding photography preparation detail photo shoot


Your wedding day starts here; your room of choice is important. If you select a small room with no light and it's tiny, then your photos can reflect this.

I suggest a room that allows for people to move and is a gorgeous setting—having space for your wedding party and hair and makeup to move around necessary. I can work in small places, but for both the groom and bride choose a room that will portray the images that you love.

If you love the light and airy look but book a tiny room that is lit artificially with tungsten and has small windows, your getting ready photos won't reflect your dream imagery.

Your whole day starts from this room, the energy and emotions all start here. Make it a great place for both the bride and groom.

The details matter a great deal to the story of your day.



A first look allows for couples to have their portrait photographs to be taken before the ceremony. At first, you might think no, but once considered, the bride and grooms love it as it allows for your wedding ceremony to go straight into the cocktail and into your evening reception celebration.

Couple having portrait photos and missing this window ie, having a ceremony and then portrait pictures sometimes doesn't happen due to time limitations on venues plus having guests not wait for 2 hours for you to have fun for portrait photographs.

Also, think about having a mobile free wedding ceremony. Your guests are there for you and to celebrate you. A professional photographer will be capturing your day, so having a mobile free ceremony allows for no phone images in your professional shots as you walking down the aisle.


Once your wedding day has been photographed, approximately eight weeks later, we arrange a time for you both to come by for your cinematic album reveal. I will create an album layout and display it to relive your wedding day for the first time. A story is told of your day where you both can share moments of your day for the first time.

From here, we make any photograph changes to your album design layout. It is then sent to New Zealand for printing and delivered in approximately four weeks. I know that your album is a priority, so I waste no time. Your wedding album should not be a wedding anniversary gift.

As a creative and putting my heart into my profession, I love this part. Seeing a finished piece of art and handing it over to you brings an incredible amount of joy to me. Watching you view your day with and knowing I was listening to you and delivered a product that will last you forever is truly an experience.

This is what I do for a living, and seeing from start to finish a complete product brings me a lot of happiness.