A groom helping his bride into a luxury car at the River Cafe located in Calgary Alberta

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a photograph of a bride who is standing on the steps to the moust famous hotel in Alberta called the Banff Springs Hotel

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Bride and groom sitting overlooking Peyto Lake which is iconic in Alberta as a world desination location to visit.
Bride and groom laughing and walking after just getting married in Alberta Canada

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FAQ about Alberta Wedding Photography

What are the best wedding venues in Alberta?

In Lake Louise, a great venue is the Chateau Lake Louise Hotel. In Canmore, there is the Silvertip Resort, and then you have the Banff Springs Hotel. You can explore all the top mountain wedding venues right here.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada is also an incredible city to get married, so depending on what you want, I’m sure you will find something within the best Calgary wedding venues.

What are the best places to elope in Alberta?

Eloping is famous for a way to intimately exchange vows in an astounding natural environment. Alberta is a great place to elope and take photographs, including the Banff National Park, the “edge of the world” in Jasper, and the badlands. To find the best elopement location in the Canadian Rockies take time with your partner to see what speaks to you both. You might find an adventure elopement hike or helicopter wedding might be the ticket for you!

What are the best locations for engagement photography in Alberta?

The best engagement and wedding photographs in Alberta are taken at Castle Mountain, Johnston Canyon, and Lake Minnewanka, all of which I’ve shot extensively at, and you can read more about here.

What is the climate in Alberta like?

Alberta weather has the sunniest days in all of Canada and dips to 5°F/-15°C in the winter to 77°F/25°C in summer. 

What should we wear for our engagement photos in Alberta?

You can bring different outfits, but I recommend sticking to one so that your photographs all come out cohesively and can be displayed together! Keep the environment in mind. Remember the weather, but also choose colors that will make you stand out from the landscape.

What is the best time of year for weddings in Alberta?

The million-dollar question but really it comes down to the look you want from your wedding day. Do you want summer or winter? Please remember the weather patterns. January and February are the coldest time of year, and snowfall is very common, making it more difficult to travel to some remote locations. The summer can be very range from mild to 30 deg temperates.

Is there wildlife to worry about during our photography sessions?

There are bears and cougars, but I am used to shooting in these areas and you shouldn’t worry as long as you follow safety guidelines!

What is the pricing like for Geoff Wilkings Photography?

The pricing for wedding photographs in Alberta depends on exactly what services you want, but you can learn more about my pricing here.