Banff Wedding Photographer

Banff wedding photographer, Geoff Wilkings Photography is proud to be a premier Banff National Park wedding photographer and offers professional wedding services throughout the National Park, including Lake Louise and Moraine Lake. At GW Photography we take care of your complete in-depth Banff wedding ceremony, Banff wedding reception, Banff first-look, Banff wedding portraits, and getting ready photography within your dream Banff Destination.

Asked often about Geoff’s Banff elopement and adventure sessions, we are delighted to offer incredible offerings to the bride, grooms, and adventurous couple shoots. Using Geoff’s backcountry experience, clients can experience an amazing elopement that is very special. Furthermore, Geoff offers such experience to full wedding day coverage; all that is required is the time which can be added. The additional time can be added during your wedding day or the day before or after your wedding, and given you the best Banff wedding photography experience ever.

Banff is home to some of the most scenic areas in Banff National Park, if not the world. When you hire Banff’s wedding photographer Geoff, he will take you around Banff to many stunning locations for those magical photographs that you dream of with breathtaking pictures.

Your Banff Wedding Photographer

When planning a Banff wedding in Alberta, you have many things to consider from the venue, cake, food, flowers, and your Banff wedding photographer. Since 2007 Geoff Wilkings Photography has successfully captured weddings in Banff, so this is one thing that you won’t have to think about.

At GW Photography, you will receive a wedding guide and also a wedding vendor list. The suppliers on the list are trusted and professional businesses, which means you can spend more time writing your wedding vows and enjoying your wedding planning. If you would like to hire a wedding planner who is based in Calgary, you might first want to learn what services wedding planners provide in Banff and the surrounding areas.

To photograph your wedding in Banff, the experience, creativity, and emotions that Geoff will capture is the route of what Geoff is about. If your Banff wedding is a small intimate elopement or grand ballroom wedding, it is our goal to make sure that you love your photography and would be proud to have them displayed as Wall Art pieces or printed within a wedding Heirloom album. We would be honored and proud to photograph what means the world to you as your Banff wedding photographer.

Wedding Photography in Banff

Built for tourism, Banff has become a stunning worldwide location to visit and for some live. With the Banff Spring Hotel located just a 15-minute walk from downtown Banff, the history and heritage of Banff is the perfect location for your wedding, elopement, or engagement shoot.

Knowing where to explore and to capture the best wedding photographs is extremely important as the bride and groom will not know where to go. As your Banff wedding photographer, we will build a unique timeline for your wedding day including the grooms getting ready and bride getting ready ideas making sure that what is essential and means the world to you is captured.

Engagement Photography in Banff

Banff National Park will provide you the most striking photographs you can imagine. Unmistakable areas in Banff like Mt. Rundle and Mt. Cascade can be the backdrops to your Banff engagement photography shoot if this is important to you.

A helicopter adventure session could be of great interest to you, and if you would love to hike and explore an area that will only be us, then this adventure session is something that we could explore. Connect with Geoff here to chat more about this experience today.

Once your Banff engagement session is complete, your photographs are often best-loved on your wall in your home as Wall Art. This means that you get to see your pictures every day when you arrive home, taking you back to one of the most magical days.

More About Banff

Banff, Alberta is home to about 8000 people and is a resort town in the province of Alberta located within the Banff National Park. Mt. Rundle and Mt. Cascade part of the Canadian Rocky Mountains are the main mountains that dominate the Banff skyline. The land is owned by Banff National Park and is home to tourism, with approximately 4 million visitors annually. With tourism, the population of seasonal workers increases dramatically but does not count as the resistance of Banff.

Many seasonal workers visit and live in Banff for the winter ski season and summer tourism season, enjoying the relaxed party town. The Banff Springs Hotel is a glorious piece of historical heritage and was completed in 1888 with William Cornelius Van Horne, the General Manager of the Canadian Pacific Railway, at the reins of the enormous project. Van Horn recognized the huge tourism opportunity and commissioned the blueprints for the lavish and luxurious hotel known today as The Banff Springs Hotel.

Climate in Banff

July is the hottest month of the year in Banff, with June 22nd being the longest day of the year. The most rainfall in Banff is during June. The summer months in Banff are between July and August with temperates around December 21st, Celcus, as the high. Autumn is during September and October with cooler evenings.

Winter in Banff is between November to March with lots of snow; however, the chinook winds come through Banff to melt the snow. Spring is from April to June. Weddings in Banff are the business during the short summer months with a few during the winter months. Banff truly is a window wonderland if you would love a winter wedding.

FAQ For Banff

What documentation does a photographer need to photograph my wedding in Banff?

To photograph in Banff, a photographer requires to contact the Town Of Banff for a business license. The photographer can obtain a day business license of an annual business license costing approximately $1000 after registration fee, GST, and local taxes.

Can I get married in Banff?

Yes, you can get married in Banff. You will require to contact the Town Of Banff for the correct paperwork and any license. A marriage commissioner will also be able to guide you through obtaining the correct paperwork.

What is the average cost of a wedding photographer in Banff?

The average cost of a wedding photographer in Banff will range depending on the services that you require for your wedding day. Some photographers include no digitals, some include prints. It is best to connect via Skype or Zoom after you have found the photograph style that you love to find out exactly what is included.

How cold does it get in Banff?

January is the coldest month of the year, and the average low is -15 Celsius. The air is dry and cold, and temperatures can drop to -35 Celsius for short periods from November to March.

Can I elope in Banff?

Yes, you can elope in Banff. You will require the correct license to get married in Banff. Contact the Town Of Banff or a marriage commissioner for guidance.

What is the population of Banff

The population of Banff is 7847 people as of the year 2016

Where did the name Banff come from?

The name Banff located within Banff National Park, came from Banff, Scotland. The town of Banff was named after George Stephen 1884, who was the president of the Canadian Pacific Railway, who was born in Banff, Scotland.

How was Banff created?

Banff was created specifically for tourism in the 1880s after the area was found by three Canadian Pacifica Railway workers in 1883 who discovered hot springs known today as Sulphur Mountain.