Moraine Lake Photographer

Moraine Lake is breathtaking, captivating, and quite honestly, Moraine Lake is beyond stunning. I am a Moraine Lake Photographer professional, and I have to tell you that you will have to pinch yourself a billion times when you experience Moraine Lake in person; in fact, you might not want to leave. The Moraine Lake photography on this website is what you’ll experience when you visit Moraine Lake, so please take a minute lookup and view your walls in your home to see where you will hang a gorgeous Wall Art Collection when you return home.

You have been dreaming about your perfect Moraine Lake wedding, elopement, or engagement shoot. You’ve been planning from afar in your mind, and you want to make your dreams come true. At Geoff Wilkings Photography, I understand the importance of photographing every emotion of what will mean the world to you for your Moraine Lake photoshoot. We will arrange the best time for your shoot, be it a sunrise and sunset shoot, and I would be honored to be your Moraine Lake photographer.

A couple shoot located at Moraine Lake with the valley of the ten peak in the background

Wedding Photography in the Moraine Lake Area

Nestled 14km from turning off the Lake Louise road, you will be welcomed by a Luxury Lodge called Moraine Lake Lodge. You can celebrate your wedding at this location, or you can travel in with your guests to hike up the Rockslide. Moraine Lake Lodge is spectacular, and it’s not until all the day visitors have left does it genuinely sink in where you are. Moraine Lake Lodge opens from early June and closes its doors mid-October so with a short season so it’s best to book a year or two ahead if you would love to host your wedding at Moraine Lake Lodge.

Moraine Lake Engagement Photographer

Engagement sessions at Moraine Lake offer a natural landscape environment that will give your Moraine Lake photos a real feeling of calmness, love, and peacefulness that will allow you to be at one with nature.

A couple shoot with the gorgeous turquoise colour of Moraine Lake behind the couple in Banff National Park

Moraine Lake offers photographic picture opportunities like nowhere else in Banff National Park. Calgary and Edmonton locals often commission Geoff to capture the perfect Moraine Lake engagement shoot creating an unmistakable and memorable engagement shoot.

Clothing recommendations for Moraine Lake can be bold or natural coloring. If your character is calm, then explore natural colors allowing your photographs to be peaceful. To enable some contrast to your Moraine Lake engagement photos, then think about red or even yellow. I would be thrilled to discuss your options about your clothing options and ideas, connect with today.

Sunset at Moraine Lake with the famous blue lake colour with a couple standing on a rock in the foreground.

Elopement photographer at Moraine Lake

As your Moraine Lake elopement photographer, you will not only enjoy GW Photography as your professional photographer; you will also receive a guide for your intimate elopement experience. Geoff will make sure a location at Moraine Lake is chosen, making sure it is the best for your elopement.

Your Moraine Lake elopement will be a meaningful journey allowing you to feel present, relaxed, and, ultimately, in the moment. Isn’t this your dream to be at one with nature and with the one you love celebrating your elopement at Moraine Lake. Geoff is about connection and love as he loves his family so much, in fact, Geoff’s family is his world and moved to Canada because of areas like Moraine Lake.

Your elopement at Moraine Lake will allow freedom in your heart as you exchange vows with the stunning backdrop of Moraine Lake surrounded by The Valley Of The Peaks. Early morning or late evening elopement at Moraine Lake, the light will be best for your adventure. Furthermore, with visitors to Moraine Lake, you will be within nature, and it’s calmness at its very best.

The Valley of The Ten Peaks in the background of a couple enjoying Moraine Lake

The Valley of The Ten Peaks

Moraine Lake in the Banff National Park in Alberta is the trailhead to The Valley of The Ten Peaks. The Adventure Series that Geoff Wilkings Photography offers includes this fabulous hiking adventure session. The Valley of The Ten Peaks trail and open landscape will thrill you on all levels, especially in the Fall. With the Aspen and Larch trees changing colors, it will, for sure, make your adventure Elopement or Engagement photography shoot outstanding.

Valley Of The Ten Peak located in Banff National Park by Moraine Lake

The GW Photography Adventure Series is truly rewarding, and The Valley of The Ten Peaks being the same valley of Moraine Lake is a dream come true for the Adventurous elopement or engagement individuals. I would be delighted to take you to The Valley of The Ten Peaks for your personal and outstanding Photography shoot.

FAQ About Moraine Lake

Why does Moraine Lake Close?

The road closes to Moraine Lake because of heavy snowfall and operations close down at Moraine Lodge. The 13 km road from the main road turn off to Moraine Lake is subject to avalanche activity in areas and turns into an 11km cross-country route.

When does Moraine Lake road close and reopen?

The road to Moraine Lake is closed during the winter months from mid-October and opens late May to Mid June. Much depends on the snowfall the area receives.

Can you drive to Moraine Lake?

Yes, you can when the road is open during the summer months. Parking is limited, and the National Park at the main turn off to the 13km drive has park employees limiting traffic to Moraine Lake. The National Park has created an overflow parking area many kilometers away and bus visitors to the park. It is no longer a convenient trip to Moraine Lake if you cannot drive and park directly at Moraine Lake.

How far is Moraine Lake from Banff?

It is 46 km from Banff to Moraine Lake.

Can you get married at Moraine Lake?

Yes, you can get married at Moraine Lake. You will require a commissioner and another witness. I have often acted as a witness to weddings with elopement weddings. For weddings over two persons, you have a guest of yours sign the Alberta license.

Is there cell phone reception at Moraine Lake?

No, there is no cellphone reception. This is fantastic for Bride and Grooms wanting a wedding or elopement to be an intimate experience.

How do you elope in Banff?

To elope in Banff National Park, you will need to contact the Town Of Banff for a special National Park permit.

Can you get married in Banff National Park?

Yes, you can get married in Banff National Park. Contact the Town of Banff for up to date documentation required.

Which is better, Lake Louise or Moraine Lake?

Both Moraine and Lake Louise Lakes are fed by glaciers and offer the stunning turquoise color. The main difference is the size of the two lakes and the mountains around the lake. Moraine Lake has a path that goes up to the pile of rocks, giving a vantage point that is the difference to Lake Louise. The Valley Of The Ten Peaks at Moraine Lake is dramatic, and the lake being smaller is stunning. Both Moraine Lake and Lake Louise are absolutely gorgeous yet very different from each other.

Are there any fish in Moraine Lake?

Yes, there are fish at Moraine Lake. The fish at Moraine Lake are Rainbow Trout, Brook trout, Mountain whitefish, Brown Trout, and Lake whitefish.

Can you fish in Moraine Lake?

No fishing is permitted at Moraine Lake.

What is the elevation of Moraine Lake?

The elevation of Moraine Lake is 1884 m

How deep is Moraine Lake?

The depth of Moraine Lake is 14 m

Can I swim at Moraine Lake?

No swimming is permitted at Moraine Lake.

Can I canoe and kayak on Moraine Lake?

Yes, you can bring your canoe or kayak to Moraine Lake, but like many, and if not all, lakes and rivers in the National Park, there is no public boat launch locations.

Can I visit both Lake Louise and Moraine Lake on the same day?

Yes, you can. The two locations are a 20-minute drive (parking restrictions enforced) from each other, so yes, you can but allow for a full day to enjoy both areas fully if you would love to hike and canoe.