Tammy + Dennis | Fresh Snowfall Winter Banff Engagement Shoot

January 10, 2019

After the first conversation I had with Dennis regarding his engagement shoot, I immediately learned that Dennis was a very romantic individual. After all, who wouldn’t pick up on this, Dennis planned on proposing to Tammy on their trip to Banff, AB in the heart of the Canadian Rockies.  You see, Dennis and Tammy are from sunny warm Texas, so a winter vacation to the internationally renowned resort town of Banff exhumed passion, love, and adventure.

Banff’s skyline is the peaks of Mt Rundle and Mt Cascade which are home to me, so I sincerely loved this engagement shoot.  Dennis had been to Banff once before so he was aware of its beauty and wanted every aspect of it captured with his soon to be fiancé, Tammy.  Dennis and I spoke several times via Skype so we could learn about one another.  I was able to get a sense of what was important to him and what kind of person Tammy is.  I soon learned that Dennis and Tammy were adventurous souls and a friendship was started.  This allowed me to put together a game plan so that we would maximize our time around Banff and create spectacular photographs.  I always strive to create a friendship with my clients and Dennis and Tammy made it easy.

 seriously it was -27 deg cel

As a Calgary wedding photographer, I found the day cold, really cold even for Canadian standards.  It was minus 27 deg cel…. seriously it was -27 deg cel… I don’t even know what that is in Fahrenheit….lol.  Given that they were from Texas USA this was exceptionally cold for them. I decided to dress like them so that if I was cold they were likely freezing. I love to push the limits, but within reason, of course.  The good news was that their lips didn’t change color to ice blue and nobody got hyperthermia.   I can’t even joke about this as these were real things that I was concerned about.

Christmas Canadian engagement proposal. How romantic and during every moment that I took photographs I saw the love they had for each other. It allowed for easy and exceptional photographic opportunities. As a Banff engagement and wedding photographer, my knowledge of the area is truly outstanding and diverse.  I know first hand the romantic and majestic qualities it has on people.  I fell in love with The Canadian Rockies some 23 years ago when I first visited them during a backpacking trip from Great Britain. Yep, that’s right I used to live just outside of London England but much was missing in my life. It wasn’t until I arrived in Canmore and Banff that my heartfelt at home. Now I get to share these sensational areas with clients whom I value as friends.

Even my heart missed a beat

During Tammy and Dennis’s photography shoot in Banff I asked Dennis to go on his knee as he did the day prior to propose to Tammy. He did and Tammy was brought to tears once again.  The moment was beautiful and these two people were true diamonds. They were rare and gorgeous humans. If I ever had the opportunity to photograph their wedding day I’d bring many boxes of tissues as I’m sure the emotions would be flowing and everyone would be crying with love. Even my heart missed a beat every time they expressed there love for each other. They were alive and connected and felt every beat, I felt connected to them. I loved it.

Photographs are my love

By now I hope you have realized that my job goes far beyond taking pictures. Photographs are my love and pictures and images can be left on the iPhone. My photographs are alive, they breathe and have a heartbeat of their own. Only with the sincerity that I give to my engagement shoots or weddings, can I give what I do. Is an engagement shoot truly needed you might be asking for yourself, read the article to explore more. Once your shoot is over here are some ideas with how to display them, Portrait Art Box, Wall Art.

Please enjoy these photographs that I captured in Banff. It was a true pleasure to capture these photographs for two gorgeous individuals.


After this shot we could have gone back to our hotel. I felt from
go one they knocked it out of the park.
A beautiful moment in time.

Laughter and joy, moment and happiness

Did you notice Tammy’s tear?

Look closely now, you’ll notice tears of joy and love they have for each other

Just perfect

I can hear Dennis telling Tammy that he loves her more

A soft and gentle moment

This was so much fun. Nice little fire happening in the background.

They laughed so much I absolutely loved every minute of this shoot

I’m not sure how we got a serious moment but we did.


Rock stars…………

Okay, enough of the serious stuff, lets laugh

Walking and action photos are things I love to capture. It allows people to forget and be in the moment.

Jump into my arms, I will always be here for you.

Love love love this natural moment

The day prior to this Dennis proposed to Tammy. She said yes.
Dennis was kind enough to get down onto his knee today and propose to Tammy again.

Smiles and laughter. I hope you’re realizing by now that Tammy and Dennis
love to laugh and have fun.

Nothing beats a good old horse back ride

Hold me forever

Lets explore the Banff, I’m yours Dennis

Super fun part of their photographic experience

Tammy really did plaster Dennis with snow. Even though it was -27 Deg Cel…
Hello, that’s really cold

Let me warm those ears up

Yes it was cold but you’d never had known.

Look it my eyes

Okay, enough of this. Let go find the car and warm up. It’s -27 Deg Cel….

After warming up we ventured to a new area in Banff.

These two seriously got better and better throughout the shoot. People have asked me, Geoff do we really need an engagement shoot. To me the answer is a simple yes.  Read and click here to find out more my thoughts about this.

At this point in the photography shoot I know we have tons of magical photographs. For me it about going deeper and seeing how far I can push people. Not all of the time but only sometime like now do we enter a new level of magic.

A gorgeous moment in the crazy cold temperature.

This photograph is one you can look at for a long time. Just a gorgeous moment.

New location, new scenery but still lots of laughter.

You are too much fun Tammy

I love you with all of my heart

Swing me around Dennis, this is amazing.



Wow… What a lovely session!