Debra + Brendan | Sunny Winter Engagement Shoot

April 14, 2019

Adventurous and full of love, Debra and Brendan are two people who want to have fun, laugh, and enjoy life. Meeting Debra and Brendan and getting to know them, has been so rewarding. The love they have for each other is deep and energized. You could say it packed a punch of joy which I love and was very attracted too.

We chose Banff Canadian Rockies for their majestic beauty and endless scenery. We are so fortunate to live near a world travel destination that offers such a vast array of photographic experiences. We picked Banff located just past Canmore and before Lake Louise as our venue for their engagement not just because it provides an opportunity for fun and beauty, but because Debra and Brendan’s are having a city-based wedding in Calgary at the new The Guide at The Hudson Bay Building. It stands as an icon in our city core. OMGOSH, their wedding day is going to be off the charts. I might have to stay after their reception for a few drinks myself. Shush, don’t tell my assistant.

I found out what was important to them

Engagement shoots mean many different things to my clients. For me, it’s an opportunity to get to know my clients better and for them to feel comfortable with me and comfortable in front of the camera. A considerable part of my role is for my peeps to enjoy themselves and to experience not just a photoshoot but a full photographic experience. Speaking with Debra and Brendan, I found out what was important to them and focused on them and not just an epic photo. Yes, during any photoshoot you’ll get used to being photographed. However, this is not a good enough reason to engage in a forever session. Not sure what I mean, read more here. Or have you ever wondered the average cost of a wedding photographer, if so check this out.

Celebrate and reflect on these fun times every day

I am a professional Calgary wedding photographer. I give a full experience. A couple of days after an engagement shoot, I get my clients to pop by for a cinematic reveal of their photoshoot. For Debra and Brendan, it was no different. It was awesome to see their reactions, go through their photographs, try and narrow their favorites down, and to place their photograph order. Prints are where it’s at, and I LOVE when my clients celebrate their life in print. I believe there is a misconception that digitals are all you need, but often get put aside and rarely looked at again. I don’t know one person who isn’t drawn to a photograph. That is what social media is all about. Instagram and Shapchat display our photos, and Facebook reminds us of an “event” that took place. When you invest in Wall Art, you get to see, celebrate and reflect on these fun times every day. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a collection of gorgeous photos on your wall?

I also offer a unique and stunning Wall Art and luxury portrait box that allows you to display your favorite images in print. You can choose to print several of your favorite photos and change them our when you desire. It is subtle and elegant and a client favorite. Debra and Brendan did just this, and I was thrilled with the outcome.

Thank you for a fantastic experience. I cannot wait for your wedding day! xo