Wedding & Engagement Locations
in the Canadian Rockies

June 10, 2019

When planning your dream wedding or vacation or just visiting this spectacular destination for engagement photos or a family vacation, you are in for an adventure with every turn you take in the Canadian Rockies. Just a stone’s throw from the cosmopolitan city, Calgary, the Canadian Rockies offer stunning views, endless activities, and excitement wherever you look. The Canadian Rockies have many locations that will leave you yearning for more and that will keep the adventurous side of you coming back over and over. Here, you will find destination engagement wedding photography.

Moraine Lake engagement shoot destination photography

The inexplicitly beautiful Canadian Rockies tower the skies and offer many spectacular locations to shoot your engagement photos, wedding photos or any photo you desire, for family, you and your loved one or just you, enjoying life in the outdoors. A few of my favorites include Kananaskis Country, the Bow Valley, Canmore, Banff National Park, Lake Louise, and Moraine Lake.

Calgary is a beautiful city

If you are a city guy or gal, we don’t have to go any further than the city limits. Calgary is a beautiful city with tall skyscrapers, trendy city streets, and great parks. The BowRiver originates in the Canadian Rockies but runs down through the foothills, winds across the city and continues to flow eastward. With the river running along the downtown core, bridges are plentiful and set the backdrop for some pretty fantastic photos. We could also head to Fish Creek Park on the south side of Calgary. It’s the second largest urban park in Canada. Photographing in Fish Creek makes you feel like you aren’t in a city at all.

Calgary engagement shoot downtown night time photography photos with bridge

Downtown Calgary engagement shoot just after sunset

Autumn and Fall engagement photos photographed in Fish Creek Calgary by Calgary wedding photographers

Now lets venture west from the city and travel to our backyard, The Canadian Rockies.

Kananaskis Country – Bow Valley Provincial Park is a short distance from Calgary but makes you feel like you are in another world. It sits in the foothills and front ranges of the Canadian Rockies. It has 4,000 square kilometers of mountain parks. It is a year round playground for outdoor activities.

Winter engagement photography session photographed in Kananaskis Country Peter Lougheed Park.

A mountain pass over from Kananaskis Country is Canmore. It is a 45 min drive west on highway 1 from Calgary. Canmore is a small town at the foothills of the Canadian Rockies. This quaint town is known for its laid back vibe and craggy summits like the Three Sisters and Ha Ling Peak. It has rivers and valleys and is a perfect place to visit for a wedding or engagement shoot.

Ha Ling Peak Canmore Adventure engagement shoot Canmore.

Situated in the heart of Canmore

If its adventure you seek, I could accompany you on a hike up to the most magnificent peeks to capture your photography shoot, or we could take it one step further, and I could join you on a heli experience that brings us to the almost unreachable peaks of the Canadian Rockies. Situated in the heart of Canmore, Alpine Helicopter tours will take you up to these breathtaking mountains and allow us to touch down, get out and explore the mountain peaks. Or if you would rather keep your feet firmly planted on the ground, let us wander through the valley floor and immerse ourselves in the exquisite beauty of the mountains towering above.

heli wedding alpine helicopter Canmore Banff National Park.

Another 20 min drive west takes us to Banff. Banff is a world-renowned tourist destination in the Bow Valley of Banff National Park. Banff is s resort town with boutiques and restaurants and sits at the base of Mt Rundle and Mt Cascade. Banff is home to the iconic Banff Spring Hotel now known as Fairmont Banff Springs. Construction of this hotel began in 1887 and it quickly became a top mountain resort getaway. It is a historic hotel nestled in the Rockies with hiking trails galore, nearby downhill skiing, countless lakes, and everlasting beauty. If its a gondola ride, skiing or leisurely walk you fancy, you cannot pick wrong when planning an engagement shoot or wedding here.

Banff National Park engagement photographs

Let’s hop in the car and travel 30 more mins west for more Destination engagement wedding photography. Gaining more elevation into the Canadian Rockies, Lake Louise and nearby, Moraine Lake offers world famous turquoise lakes. Lake Louise is a well-known hamlet of Banff national park. It’s sparkling emerald green water is fed from Victoria glacier up above in the jaw-dropping night mountain peaks. Right beside it, is the statuesque Chateau Lake Louise. This is a posh lakefront hotel also in the Fairmont chain that is surrounded by soaring mountain peaks. It offers winding trails along the lake and hikes up and around the turquoise lake. Aside from hiking, you may choose to rent a canoe and paddle across the peaceful lake. Come winter, Lake Louise is cleared for skating, cross country skiing, snowshoeing or a leisurely walk across it. If you time it right, you may catch the ice sculptures that surround the lake in the winter months. Such a superb location all year round.

Frozen Lake Louise winter engagement shoot by Victoria Glacier

Engaged couple walk on the frozen and famous Lake Louise

Chateau Lake Louise wedding proposal & engagement shoot

When traveling up the mountain to Lake Louise, you may choose to take a quick venture left to Moraine Lake. Moraine Lake is well known for its breathtaking emerald water. It is surrounded by rock piles, hiking trails, jaw-dropping mountain peaks and a pristine lake. It is nestled in the Valley of Ten Peaks. The lake is fed from the melting glacier above just like Lake Louise. The lake and surrounding mountains seem unreal; they are that perfect. So perfect, they graced the back of the Canadian twenty dollar bill.

Moraine Lake engagement shoot

Moraine Lake engagement shoot located in Banff National Park

Valley of the Ten Peak engagement summer shoot by Moraine Lake

If you chose to take your travels across the Alberta border into British Columbia, you would quickly find yourself in Golden. Golden is also home to many mountain peaks and high up in the mountains is The Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. After taking a gondola ride further up the mountain is the Eagle’s Eye restaurant, the highest elevation venue in Canada. Kicking Horse resort is located at the top of Purcell Mountains with panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains. When here, you feel like you are floating on clouds.

Kicking Horse Mountain Resort Wedding Photos

Destination engagement wedding photography at your fingertips

Whatever your fancy is, pick my brain and I can take you to many sensational spots to capture the most impressive engagement, wedding, or family photos. Destination engagement wedding photography at your fingertips!

I believe in the beauty of love. I believe in the beauty of the outdoors. I believe in the beauty of photography. I believe in filling your house with wall art and allowing them to ignite your memories daily.

Adventure engagement and wedding photographs Moraine Lake

I hope this list helps when picking a location to capture some of your best moments ever. Each location is unique and spectacular and awe-inspiring. Contact me today to start planning your photography shoot!!