Best Tips For Candid Unposed and Posed Wedding Photographs

February 25, 2020

Are you are a bride and groom who longs for fabulous candid and natural wedding, elopement, or engagements photographs? Do you want and dream of naturally looking fun candid photographs for your wedding day? You have seen photographs, either on my website or withing magazines that look real and natural, but how does this happen? Please know that such pictures are possible for every wedding day, but first, the real trick before photograph my couples is to find out what is important to them.

My goal is to create amazing photographs rather than awkward smiles, funny looking movements and arms, and legs, not knowing what to do. But how is all this possible from a shoot, you might ask? Think of it this way, would you take your car for repair to an untrained mechanic? Or have they always been professionally trained? Would you trust someone just picked up some work tools to work on your vehicle breaks, or do you want a professional? This is the same for photography; what you’ll receive with Geoff is a fully trained professional.

Before we dig too deep into posing and the unposed experience, consider the average cost of a wedding photographer and a location for your wedding. Or possibly you’re eloping, or you’ve found this article for your engagement shoot, or you’re looking for the best engagement location available and options.

I have found when a couple loves their chosen venue for their wedding, they naturally relax. Consider picking a top mountain wedding venue or the best city wedding venue in Calgary. Knowing a location that you love will help with photography. Don’t forget that a wedding planner can assist with this if you’re unsure where to start.

Can I say one thing that, in many ways, will summaries having photographs taken professionally? Can you always be thinking about your partner during the shoot? Think about everything you love about her or him why you love that person and want to spend the rest of your fabulous life with them. This alone will make your photoshoot super fun.

Okay, let us explore how to feel relaxed during your photography experience, and don’t forget to connect with me with any questions.

Best Tips For Candid Unposed and Posed Wedding Photographs


To smile naturally brings out fantastic expressions. But how do you smile when you’re told by a photographer to smile. Much of a natural smile emerges from a bride and groom feeling confident with their investment into a photographer. The bride and groom relax and smile when they haven’t got any stress. One thing that often brings down the stress level is hiring a wedding planner. Knowing that things are being taken care of in the background will allow you to smile. I will just mention here that the average cost of a wedding photographer will differ greatly on their skill level and here’s a prime example of your investment.


Movement is a massive key to success. Going for a walk around Lake Louise, dance in mountain meadows in Banff, cross a Calgary road fast as you hold hands. As you think about your partner, you can touch your lips with your fingers as you look into the camera. Point being, as soon as you stop moving, other internal senses take over, and you become still and uncomfortable. 


Do you touch your partner? How do you touch? What’s essential with the touch, what does the touch do to you and for your partner? Connecting and connection are huge, and it’s been proven to hug and connect means the world to people. Imagine being surrounded by The Valley Of The Ten Peak at Moraine Lake as you touch and connect, how awesome would this be?

Too much posed

There are many photographers in Calgary and around the world who force things by placing hands over the shoulders of, i.e., the groom, cross legs, cross arms, do this, use a flash all for what an award for them, or for you to have a photograph that means nothing to you. There comes the point when too much posed is unreal, and you won’t print that photo for your home. Imagine investing thousands of dollars in locations like Canmore to have still and awkward photographs. Instead, you’ll print the standard picture of you looking into the camera as it means more to you due to its simplicity. Make sure your photographer isn’t there for a few “over the top posed” photographs. Plus, how much photoshop will be done to those photographs. Think big picture here in your life. 


You have chosen the best wedding venue and you want to have fun on your wedding day. Can I ask you right now, what do you love the most about your partner? Is it her/his fun nature. Would you love that’s fun to be photographed? Make sure that your photographer knows how to bring out that fun that you love. Are you a groom who wants to have fun as you get ready? A groom getting ready is a fun part of one’s day. Likely not to be taken too seriously. A bridal guide that I created could allow for making a bride getting ready more fun along with hair and makeup tips.


I don’t get this one. I see if often with photographs that people either look away from each other or they have this serious look that can often be seen as anger. There’s a difference between editorial to serious looks. Likely, you’re not a trained model, so the serious look can often be seen as anger. This isn’t for my clients nor me. Even if I had a second shooter, they’d still get the same angry shots, this isn’t what’s important to my couples.


Laughter often brings on joy, which can bring on the fun, which creates a smile. The trick is to know how to get someone to laugh to bring out the other emotions. When you meet your photographer as you view their portfolio in person, as them, how will you make me laugh on my wedding day? Selecting a top Alberta mountain location for your wedding is one thing but selecting a photographer to capture your laughter is another!

Bride and Groom laughing in a car with the bridal party outside

Final thoughts

Have fun, laugh, hug, and be happy. So much pressure is put on weddings to be and to perform. I ask you, what do you want from your wedding day? How important is it that you remember your day in 20 years to a fantastic day than the money you wished you spent elsewhere. The reason why I share so much in my education resources is that I’m transparent. I believe in finding out what means to the world to my couples so real photographs can connect with my couples forever. Do you not think this is important?