Caitlyn + Jon | Ha Ling Peak Hike in Canmore Alberta

August 30, 2019

Engagement sessions are very special and incredibly unique. Each of us in life has a different and wonderful story. What shapes us to be who we are in life is amazing. Without knowing or taking the time to learn what is important how can I even begin to know what to photograph for my couples. What is that something that is 100% essential to people and makes them click and connect with their partner? What shapes my shoots is the incredible story that my clients have.

Meeting Caitlyn and Jon was fabulously fun. Their love for each other is truly special, and I have to say it was worth lugging my gear to the top of Ha-Ling Peak in Canmore to photograph what was important to them.

After a winding and dusty drive, we parked and started the 2.5hr hike that went straight up for 2.5 hrs. When we stopped at the top, an outfit change was done and we got to work as the smoke from the forest fires came in and out, mostly in. No wind, spectacular views and a couple who were game to raise the bar and set new heights I felt again the feeling of why I emigrated to Canada January 7th, 2000.

we were in the Saraha Desert

The photos that emerged from their forever session below as the sun went down late summer as though we were in the Saraha Desert. Smoke that could have been a dust storm warm tones set the mood of Caitlyn & Jon’s forever session, and I can’t thank them enough for letting me push the boundaries during their shoot.

Is an engagement shoot needed? Does it matter and what about being posed or unposed? Why even bother as you have snaps right? We are all different and view things differently, and I can’t say to anyone that they must have a forever session.

One thing I know, life passes by quickly. It’s not until it’s almost too late that people often realize that so many moments have passed without documentation. I value print and spectacular Wall Art. Caitlyn and Jon celebrated this shoot with my London Collection. With their gorgeous piece of Art Work, they will forever get to see their photographs on the wall when they walk through their home. This is something digital doesn’t have a leg to stand on, professional printing and photography is what I’m passionate.

Big hug to Caitlyn and Jon, and thank you for so many special moments.