Susana + Steve | Sunlit Engagement Photos at Elbow Falls

January 29, 2020

Elbow Falls is a stunning waterfall in Alberta with clear, deep blue water that was perfect for engagement photos. 

This shoot with Susana and Steve was energetic, joyful, and emotional. Susana loves humor, especially Steve’s. He’s funny, loving, caring, and when a last-minute grocery trip is needed, he’s up for it. Steve wears his heart on his sleeve, and I have to say he is an excellent hugger. 

As we wandered around Elbow Falls, basking in the warm sunlight that was so prevalent that day, I could see that their relationship was steadfast and loving. 

I photographed them as they stepped delicately on the rocks along the river. They stole kisses in the trees while the ever-present flow of the water blurred out everything else. Once we finished our session around Elbow Falls, the sun peeked its warmth through the trees, so we ventured for a walk into the forest for some final hugs. The only other locations that I’ve experienced such light is at Moraine Lake, Lake Louise, or at certain evening sunsets in Canmore.

A connection session is a celebration in its own right

Connection shoots for me are not about getting to know a photographer or for me to get to know you. Life is beyond precious than to waste such valuable time. An engagement shoot is a celebration in its own right. As a professional Calgary based photographer, you can hire me for your wedding day or check out the average cost of a photographer but I believe your photos will be awesome. No need for a test run or get to know you nor me, BUT I do suggest celebrating your love for each and having those photographs printed by having me photograph your engagement shoot.

Elbow Falls Engagement Session

Below is a glimpse of what that Elbow Falls engagement session looked like. Get in touch here to learn so we can chat about your engagement photo sessions. Or, if you’d love to go straight ahead, book me today via my sister company OKES Portraits –  BOOK NOW,  What is OKES Portraits? Well, get prepared and sit back to discover a completely new experience. To learn about OKES Portraits, start here at my couples sessions link and dig around OKES. I’m proud of this company. I cannot wait to hear from you to celebrate what is important to you. 

Thank you, Susana and Steve, for sharing your raw emotions with me. 



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