Jennifer + Shamus | Historic Hotel Downtown Calgary

December 6, 2018

The Historic Fairmont Palliser Hotel located downtown Calgary, Jennifer, and Shamus’s wedding was fabulous. Getting to know Shamus and Jennifer over the past year has been a real privilege. Photographing their engagement shoot in Kananaskis Country during the winter months allowed me to discover not only how happy they are but how much love they have for each other.

One of the biggest things that I got to learn was that they sincerely cared about other people, maybe this was why during their wedding day I continuously saw a lot of warmth and love towards Jennifer and Shamus from everyone. One thing I’m very fortunate about photographing a wedding by shooting with no second shooter is that I get everything. I’m with the bride and groom all day. I get up close, view the hugs, tears, laughter and clear emotion all day long.

I saw genuine laughter and joy from her Dad

One photograph I love below is that of Jennifer and her Dad in the Bentley. Jennifer’s Dad opened the door and helped her into the vintage car. Laughing and just entirely taking in the day, her Dad jumped into the car and just laughed. It was awesome. That B&W photograph speaks volumes to me. Jen’s laughing and taking in the moment, but I saw genuine laughter and joy from her Dad. As a parent myself I appreciate how important this day is so seeing such pure love and laughter from this gentleman was awesome. I for sure would be printing this huge in my house (if it were of me). Seeing that photograph every day would be pure joy.

Located in Calgary, Shamus’s day started at the Fairmont Palliser Hotel. Photographing the getting ready party and groom was hilarious. At first, I wasn’t sure if I was going to capture the men dressed as Shamus was the only one who knew how to do up his Dicky Bow. Oh man, it was funny, but yes everything worked out great. Upon reaching Jennifer’s house, I found all the ladies were kicking in high gear. Champagne bottles popped and glasses full of bubbly. It was an excellent experience to witness the getting ready events and photograph it for them to have forever.

It’s a true honor photographing a wedding day

With the bride and father settled into in the vintage car we set off for the church. Everything throughout this day worked so smoothly; I have to say Amy at Lynn Fletcher Weddings did an outstanding job. The day went super smooth which allowed me to focus on my role. I place so much work into my client’s days it’s crazy, as just turning up on one of the most important days of someone’s life is not enough and I do not take it lightly. It’s a true honor photographing a wedding day for my awesome clients so make sure to document it correctly is very important. After all, how can such a spectacular day be printed in an heirloom album or Wall Art if not done correctly? Knowing the average cost of a wedding photographer is very important and this article might surprise you.

After the ceremony, we headed off for super creative session in Calgary, which included love balloons. Arriving at the Fairmont Palliser Hotel, Jennifer and Shamus entered their Ballroom. The spectacular reception room was designed by the talented wedding planner Amy at Lynn Fletcher Weddings. A gorgeous course of meals with heartfelt speeches the evening then entered its final phase, the PARTY which was absolutely fabulous.

Thank you to everyone for creating a dream wedding for a fabulous couple. Such an amazing day and a huge congratulation to Jennifer and Shamus, xox


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