Backyard Style Calgary Glenmore Sailing Club Wedding

January 5, 2018

A gorgeous wedding at The Glenmore Sailing Club, two phenomenal peeps and a ton of fun. Audrey and Rex are super relaxed yet wildly fun and full of energy and lovers of life.

The day started in Inglewood with a fabulous first look after the groom got ready and Audrey the bride got ready. Rex was getting excited as he waited for his future wife to be. It was a steaming hot day in Calgary but Rex was not showing any sign of it as he remained calm and relaxed. When Audrey turned up and walked across the field, it was worth the wait. Audrey looked stunning, and her beautiful beaming smile I knew was going to make Rex melt.

Capturing their love as Rex turned to see Audrey was a fabulous moment. What I do for a living is more than showing up and snapping away. Being in the right place at the right moment and witnessing a show of events of sincere love is truly worth every minute I spend in getting to know my couples.

After their first look, we went for our creative session around downtown Calgary which was a blast. They allowed enough time for this photography session, so we didn’t have to rush things. There’s nothing worse than forcing moments due to no time to photograph my couples. Non posed but true organic fun moments were photographed leaving Audrey and Rex a huge selection of fabulous photographs to have forever. One reason why their shoot was so much fun was that of their Banff engagement shoot that took place in Banff. Rex and Audrey were used to being photographed which in turn made things super fun and easy my end.

Venturing off to the ceremony located at the Glenmore Sailing Club, Kelly our wedding planner had been working hard on the scene creating the perfect setup for the bride and groom. Tamara gave them away as they said the “I do’s” and the party started. Wow, was it a fabulous party!

gorgeous sunset, evening sparklers, partiers

With a gorgeous sunset, evening sparklers and lively partiers Rex and Audrey’s evening were magical. In fact, this was the first sunset I’d seen in ages due to the forest fires located far away in Banff, The Canadian Rockies. We ventured out on the dock until the sun was hidden and below the horizon. Seeing opportunities with the blue sky, we captured their venue in the background.

Following their first dance, the party hit new height followed by an exit of 70 plus sparklers. I loved this wedding day so much. The relaxed nature of it, incredible people and lots of love to be shared.

I have to say, this wedding day is going to look stunning in Rex and Audrey’s wedding heirloom album. When they snuggle up in 10 years time and look back at their wedding day they’ll love this album even more.

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Wedding Planner
Kelly Pow
Ceremony & Reception Venue
Glenmore Sailing Club
Marriage Commissioner
Make up
Joelle Chan
Wedding Dress
Joanna Bisley