Kendra + Chris were married in Canmore early in the morning located outdoors in a field surrounded by The Canadian Rockies. OMWord, wow… it might have been early but this day was one day to remember.

Exploring for sensational locations after the ceremony, our creative session time was pretty big which allowed us to visit areas I’ve never had the chance photographing. Being rewarded with the extra time was totally awesome…

The bridal party were fabulous. They laughed and giggled even though their feet hurt from all the walking we did to capture those cool photos. I’ve found over the years the type of clients who I attract want great images and are up for about anything which equals for totally awesomeness. I love pushing the photography boundaries and going all out for my clients. After all, I’m want one thing being great images. My clients and I both want fantastic photos. Furthermore, I never forget it’s their day so lets go have a ton of fun during the shoot.

Enjoy the photos and please don’t be shy, leave a comment and share via Facebook below the last image.


Canmore open field surrounded by The Canadian Rockies

Who doesn’t like the woods. Wow.

Love this photo of the bridal party helping Kendra cross the stream

Fabulous hair and makeup artistry taking shape

Final touches being applied during makeup

Getting ready photo of Chris

Final touches of Chris getting ready before the ceremony

Quarry Lake in Canmore


Bridal party having fun in the stream in Canmore

These ladies look fabulous. Stunning colors and smiles.

One of my favorite bridal party photos ever. Just soft yet powerful.

It’s really COLD… hehe.. But way too much fun not to cool off on the super hot day.

Seriously, how much laughter can take place on this day.. LOTS..

Hello.. Stunning.  Kendra is gorgeous.

Chris is looking pretty hot also.