Getting Married In Calgary

Established in 2007, Geoff is the leading wedding photography studio in Calgary and is proud to provide services in and the surrounding areas. Geoff Wilkings Photography specializes in couple photography, getting ready photos, wedding ceremonies, portraits, first look, and the wedding reception itself.

The city offers many stunning downtown wedding venues, and is surrounded by incredible scenery. Located on the foothills to the Canadian Rockies with an hour and a half drive to Banff National Park, it’s no wonder that many venues get booked up quickly.

Your Wedding

Planning a wedding in Calgary ceremony and reception involves many details to reserve and book, for this reason, all brides and groom receive a complete vendor list with established and reliable businesses. Finding the perfect florist for your bouquet or ceremony and receptions flower supplier to the best hair and makeup artist and the best wedding planner won’t be a problem for all Geoff’s bride and grooms.

Understanding what is important to bride and grooms, we designed a wedding guide containing over 100 pages of useful information allowing all bride and grooms to plan a luxury wedding day anywhere in Calgary or destination wedding venue.

Wedding photographs that mean everything to you from your wedding are celebrated as Wall Art or within a personally designed one-off Heirloom Album, allowing your story to be loved for generations. Knowing the importance of your wedding, Geoff would be thrilled to serve as your wedding photographer.

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Wedding Photography

A top Canadian City that offers grand ballrooms to intimate venues. All of the best wedding venues in this city will allow for a very different and beautiful outcome of photographs, so it is wise to know the type of photos being candid or posed and unposed photos that you fell in love with before you book a wedding venue.

Wedding couples can choose from rooftops, a grand hotel, a restaurant downtown, or an outdoor wedding with our gorgeous City Landscape in the background. Remember, if you love the bright and airy photography look, then you will want to go with a venue like the River Cafe rather than the famous Fairmont Palliser Hotel or Hotel Arts downtown. 

A bride and groom look at each other in the garden of Alloy Restaurent in Calgary

Ballrooms offer incredible emotion to a wedding day, and they can be lit beautifully with the need of one professional photographer. Flash photography is very important to know, and master and Geoff is proud to be the best in Calgary, allowing you to enjoy your wedding venue to its fullest. A professional wedding planner is often hired to help light and guide your wedding venue.  If you are unsure about locations and you’re on the fence to host in our city or a top mountain wedding venue, go visit locations making sure you have covered all bases.

By understanding the average cost of a photographer, you will feel comfortable with your investment for your day with GW Photography. Professionally trained if your wedding is located on a ranch on the outskirts of the city’s Downtown, Geoff Wilkings Studio has you covered. You can learn more about Geoff and his family here.

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Elopement Photography in Calgary

Couples who live in the City are proud of Alberta. The hearts of Calgarian are deeply rooted in the stunning landscape with the mountains in the background. Celebrating your elopement and love for your partner here would be a perfect day. 

For bride and grooms who would love to venture to The Canadian Rockies, the studio of Geoff Wilkings Photography would love to discuss heading out to Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, Banff, Canmore or head to a mountain top to say I do. Geoff can assist with these plans by contacting the studio today.

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Engagement Photography

Geoff offers just one level of photography service for your engagement photo shoot, which is outstanding imagery offering candid to posed editorial sessions. As your engagement photographer, finding the perfect engagement location in Alberta won’t be tricky. Geoff will learn what is essential to you, allowing for the ideal location for your engagement shoot. 

Offering standalone couple photography or portrait sessions, Geoff is proud to offer, and OKES Portraits experience for his clients. With OKES Portraits, you pay for only what you love. There are no engagement shoot packages, just stunning products for you to display forever. 

For engaged couple unsure if an engagements shoot worth it or couple have no idea what the point of an engagement shoot is, treat your engagement shoot separately to your wedding day. Your love for each other is celebrated with no timelines allowing for a relaxed photography session. 

The perfect time for an engagement couple shoot is either very early morning or about our two before sunset. Spring and Fall are so short that many Autumn engagement shoots are held within a very short time, so it is worth booking ahead. You can contact me today to secure your engagement shoot in your favorite location.

Elbow Falls Kananaskis Country Engagement Photos

Hiring a professional wedding photographer

Securing the best wedding photographer is more than looking at a few pretty photos on a website or calling themselves internationally acclaimed. A wedding professional will offer beautiful albums and wall art, gift registry, offers knowledge to the city, have the correct license, and hold insurance to operate a business. With your professional photographer, you are sure to have a fantastic wedding. At Geoff Wilkings Photography, we would be happy to discuss everything from the bride and groom getting ready to the reception making sure your wedding day is captured the way you dreamt about.

A Rolls Royce Calgary wedding vintage vehicle with a bride and groom inside

The Climate

Calgarians often joke around by saying the city offers two seasons being Winter and Summer. 

Receiving Chinook Winds that melt the snow during the winter months, and temperatures can climb above Celsius, bringing warmth and enjoyment breaking colder snaps of freezing temperatures. 

In the summer months, rain typically falls in June and allows for July, August, and September to be the prime months for weddings. 

The type of climate in Calgary experiences a humid continental climate, warm summers and cold, dry winters with the average daily temperatures from 17 deg cell’s in July to -7 Deg Celcusi in December.

The coldest months are from mid-November until the beginning of March. The warmest months are from the beginning of June to mid-August.

More About The City

The city is served by a busy international Alberta City with many skyscrapers. Booming in size, the city is known for the oil sand industry; however, the city is still known more as “Cowtown.” with the famous stampede which is held in early July of every year. “Cowtown” celebrates its massive rodeo and festival and farming exhibitions that are proudly showcased at the stampede. Daily races and rodeo shows people flock to here from all around the world to party for the week-long celebration.

The Bow River flows through the city and travels East yet starts in the Canadian Rockies. It located just an hour’s drive from Canmore, many Calgary folk head to Kananaskis Country, Banff, and Lake Louise every weekend to hike and enjoy the mountains while working hard mid-week downtown.

The population as of 2019 is 1.3 million people and is the larges Albertan city. The city is the third largest municipality in Canada after Montreal and Toronto. 

Between 1896 and 1914, many settlers from around the world arrived in hope and were offered free homestead land. A train track was placed throughout Alberta, and hotels were built to bring in funds to pay for the Canadian Pacific train tracks. The hotels were known as the Canadian Pacific Hotel, and one famously knows as the Banff Springs Hotel and The Palliser Hotel.

The economy is driven by the oil sands, yet with the boom and bust industry, many companies have tried to diversify within its economy. Tourism is everything in the Canadian Rockies, and Calgary is often used as the base for many trips leaving for the Rocky Mountains.


How far in advance should I book a wedding photographer?

Most bride and grooms book their photographer one year our from their wedding date. However, is it wise to book your wedding photographer shortly after securing your wedding venue in Calgary or a top mountain wedding venue.

What is the average cost of a wedding photographer?

The average cost of a wedding photographer is between $2500 to $6000.

What questions should I ask a wedding photographer

How long have you been in business?
How long have you been photographing weddings?
Are you professionally trained?
How many weddings have you photographed?
Can we see a full online gallery or a wedding?
Do you retouch and edit your photographs?
Do you offer engagement sessions?
Can you please describe your photography style?
Do you offer albums, prints, and wall art?
How long will it take for us to view the wedding day photographs?
How long will it take for the delivery of our album?
Do you have insurance?
When do we receive a contract?
How much is your deposit?
Can we pay by Credit Card?
Do you have backup photography equipment?
Do you have my date available?

What is a wedding planner?

A wedding planner is someone who organizes and plans weddings as a career or profession. There are different types of offerings that wedding planners supply and knowing what service is right for you for your wedding day worth exploring.

What is the population of Calgary?

The population of Calgary in 2019 is 1.3 million people.

What is the climate like in Calgary?

The type of climate is a humid continental climate, warm summers and cold, dry winters with the average daily temperatures in the city from 17 deg cell’s in July to -7 Deg Celcius in December.

What are the warmest and coldest months in Calgary?

The coldest months is from mid-November until the beginning of March. The warmest months are from the beginning of June to mid-August.

What do people do in Calgary for a living?

The oil sands provide the majority of wealth; however, it is a boom and bust city, so wealth fluctuates. Over the years, tourism has grown considerably as many people treat the city as the first stop before they head to Banff, Lake Louise, Canmore, and Moraine Lake. The Stampede brings in many tourists from around the world, providing many jobs for a short duration.

Do I need a second photographer for my wedding?

No, you do not require a second photographer for your wedding. When you fall in love with a particular look or feel from the photographer’s wedding or engagement gallery, you’re investing in this style. Do not fall into the trap of more is better; make sure that the photographs work you love is the photographer who is going to capture your wedding day.