Naomi + Josh | A Winter Wedding in The Rockies

January 23, 2020

Naomi and Josh got married during a fantastic winter wedding day at the Fairmont Chateau Hotel in Lake Louise. Congratulations N&J. You are amazing.

Photographs should say a thousand words or more. Photos should evoke emotions within. A journey should be taken when you view a photograph. Do you not agree?

Starting bright and early when it was dark, I arrived at Lake Louise and headed to the famous Belvedere Suite overlooking the frozen Lake. After sometime capturing awesome moments with the ladies, I ventured to the groom’s room. They were on full humor force, which was magical to capture. After the groom’s photographs, I tidied up my final photos with the bride and bridesmaids getting ready and then prepared for the first look located outside in the cold yet gorgeous scenery. I have to say Mountianscape Weddings in their wedding planner in Banff did an outstanding job with planning this wedding. It was perfect.

With the frozen winter lake

Naomi and Josh’s first look (which can be seen below) was everything I hoped for. Emotion, fun, laughter, connection, and pure love for each other expressed towards each other. Josh as hilarious as his shoes were slippery as they were brand new with leather bottoms. Josh slid more than Naomi, way more, and I was going to help, but I had to capture Josh during this. After the first look at Chateau Lake Louise, we headed in the wood with the bridal party. With the frozen winter lake and Victoria Glacier in the background, it was spectacular. I cannot ask more than anyone.

A Jewish ceremony and winter wedding

A Jewish ceremony and winter wedding followed the first look where I aimed to capture the Victoria Glacier for them. Using a professional lighting setup, I captured both areas of the signing and standing ceremony to capture the outdoors. For me, being a Calgary professional photographer who travels globally, it’s essential to be able to achieve what people invest in. For example, the photograph above of the candle, the couple, the room, and the outdoors in a photograph during a real ceremony is a huge achievement. Not only captured but lit professionally.

Take a look around at pretty much any wedding photographed at Lake Louise, and you’ll see the outdoors blown out to white ie, no detail showing. For me, this is unacceptable, and it’s here I raise the bar for incredible clients like Naomi and Josh. Check out all my resources on my blog designed to help the bride and grooms plan their special day.

chair lifting, hugs, dancing

An awesome evening of events followed at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise Hotel with chair lifting, hugs, dancing, and fantastic speeches. Honestly, it’s during a wedding like this I feel so thankful.

What a fantastic day, many great memories now caught on camera for my couple to have forever.

Enjoy and please share the love


winter wedding castle on Lake Victoria
Bride looking out the window of Chateau Lake Louise and the frozen Lake Louise lake


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