I am so PUMPED about this section. It’s going to be off the charts. Even though it’s empty right now (bar the one post below not to make it look empty), this section is going to grow super fast.

With a ton of content to come, it’s here that you’ll learn and laugh with me or at me. Covering pretty much anything related to weddings I am sharing with you via video-blog (VBLOG).

No hiding behind the camera for me, I want to talk and cover and interact with peeps. Over the past 12 years, I’ve seen a lot. Every time I say, there’s no way I can see or something new I do. Weddings are fabulous and it’s in my blood. I awake to think about them and how I can be different or shoot differently or supply a new style of experience.

Enjoy the journey; let’s do this and please comment and share the love.
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Editorial Photography shoot

The team who put this fabulous editorial shoot together were: Photography & Video Editing: Geoff Wilkings Photo ...