Ashley + Clay | Summer Engagement Shoot in Canmore

February 16, 2018

Upon meeting Ashley at the wedding fair and we spoke about the average cost of a photographer, I knew she was after something special. After getting to know Ashley and speaking to Clay, their photographic experience was now about finding out the true meaning of their shoot and why they wanted their shoot in Canmore, close to Banff National Park. Turning up to a shoot with my artistic flair is fantastic but how on earth can you capture what is important to someone unless you find out what that is.

I learned a lot about Ashely and Clay and the love they have for each other. Canmore is a special place for them, so we planned their photographic experience in locations around this gorgeous town that I believed would match well with what they told me during our conversations.

Canmore also means a great deal to me. I might live now in Calgary but Canmore’s beauty and warmth is what made me fall in love with Canada. I emigrated to live in Canmore and thoroughly enjoy photographing in The Canadian Rockies. I know lots of little-hidden locations that I share with my clients. Clay, Ashley, and I explored Canmore and its stunning surroundings, and we ended with a selection of meaningful photographs to Clay and Ashley.

I photographed more engagement shoots than ever in 2017. Capturing unique moments in any location provides a platform for some incredible art pieces. More than ever, my clients displayed their photos in the artwork on their home walls. Forever moving forward, I believe that change in innovation is something that not only I deserve as a photographer, but that my clients should benefit from too. Wall Art allows you to admire you and your loved ones and your memories every day rather than hiding an investment on a hard drive.

Genuine moments with real meaning is my driver

2018 is another year of innovation, and I’m very excited that I will be sharing this journey with you. Fo Life is incredibly precious, and I feel that it is my responsibility as a professional photographer and someone who sincerely cares about each client to provide a service that is exceptional. Award-winning photography has been vital to me, but quite honestly, this has never been a driver for my business. Genuine moments with real meaning is my driver, and with my new OKES Portraits family website, you will experience a fabulous wave of honesty in my photographs that is not seen very often within photography.

Thank you, Ashley and Clay, for a fabulous photography session in Canmore.

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