Bride & Groom Resource Area

More than resource area, this space is home to any Bride & Groom or photographer both near and far. It doesn’t matter where you live as we’re all connected. One of my goals many years ago was to build a comprehensive space for any Brides, Groom, and photographers globally to visit, ask questions or obtain tips.

There is so much to know about your wedding before it takes place. I’ve seen the stressed bride and groom, and much of it comes down to details that have not been taken care of. After 12 professional years of photography (and being professionally trained), I am here to share information with you. I won’t be organizing your wedding day, but you’ll find a ton of tips, thoughts, suggestions right here. It will be a growing community for #gwbride and #gwgroom around the world. I’m excited; I sure as hope you are.

So start digging away, this space might be new, but it’s going to be growing fast.
Enjoy, please comment and share the love.
#gwvlog #gwbrides #gwgrooms

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