Emily + Alec | Moraine Lake
Banff National Park

January 23, 2020

I want to showcase Emily & Alec’s engagement photos from their photographic experience at Moraine Lake. Moraine Lake is nestled in the Valley of the Ten Peaks. This location is not only breathtaking and world-renowned as a top destination in the Rockies but offers the perfect setting for romance and beauty. Emily and Alec embraced each other as the sun shone and high cold winds swept through the valley.

The Canadian Rockies as they love the outdoors

A brisk day it was, so I wasted no time in capturing every detail that was important to Emily & Alec. They hugged, laughed, unposed, and expressed joy throughout the shoot. They ventured from the USA via Calgary to camp and explore The Canadian Rockies as they love the outdoors. It’s something they shared a deep passion for. They would stand in areas hiked by less to take in the full glory of the mountainous environment.

Moraine Lake

Like true adventurers, we headed into other areas less known around Moraine Lake. Not far from the more touristy spots, is a patch full off fallen boulders that are huge, rugged and stunning. I have personally found this locale to be my hidden gem for photographs in the field of Lake Louise. Today it offered shelter from the wind and gave us time to settle and seize tender moments caught in a photo.

Alec shielded Emily as her goosebumps emerged

Alec shielded Emily as her goosebumps emerged. Exploring their love for each wasn’t hard as Alec genuinely loves Emily and he didn’t want her to be cold. These tender moments led to photos that meant a lot to them as there was no acting involved to show how much the cared for each other.

A considerable part of a photograph is the history behind it. To capture the real bond between anyone can be difficult, so I first explore what it is that one loves about the other. Combining the sincere love of people with creative photographs is more important to me now than ever. I believe it is worth taking the time ahead of a shoot to learn about people and it is essential as then and only then can you celebrate them as who they are.

I truly believe in love and emotions

I truly believe in love and emotions. I feel we need to express and show each other how much we care for each other. It is different for everybody, but for me, when I am photographing couples or families, it’s about allowing people to feel safe with me and giving them the opportunity to show it.

Emily and Alec share a special love. I hope you see it in these photographs. Thank you both for allowing me to share in your fun day in the Rockies.


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