Trina & Victor | Johnston Canyon
Banff National Park

September 15, 2018

Johnston Canyon hike is a picture perfect location set within The Banff National Park. Johnston Canyon will stun your senses and imagination and sets the perfect backdrop for me to capture sensational photos of you and your loved ones. To say Johnston Canyon will excite you as you hike through this deep canyon is an understatement.

Traveled by many, this Banff National Park masterpiece has been carved by water over the years leaving you rubbing your eyes for its blinding beauty. This canyon has rock walls that you can touch that will leave a positive mark within you.

Banff and Calgary engagement photographer

Trina and Victor are two adventurous and super fun engaged peeps. Totally in love, I learned about them before the shoot allowing me to photograph them in the way they see each other through their eyes. I am a Banff and Calgary engagement photographer who doesn’t learn what’s important to you during your engagement shoot, I learn what’s important to you prior to your shoot. I find it allows my clients to just have fun entrusting me to photograph these emotions and time in your life.

 that glimmer in his eyes when she laughs

What I can tell you about Trina and Victor is the sincerity of their connection to each other. A photographer (whom I cannot remember right now), said love can be expressed in more ways than a kiss. I totally agree! Therefore, sometimes I see feet connecting, or hands joining, or that glimmer in his eyes when she laughs; I put my couples so at ease that I’m merely a shadow engage in joyful play of a couple in love.

The wine is by far the worst tasting they’ve ever shared

What journey will your hearts take when you view the photos? For many, you might see feet or hands. But to Trina and Victor, they see a connection. A movie night maybe on the couch intertwined full of popcorn while sharing a bottle of wine. The wine is by far the worst tasting they’ve ever shared, but yet it’s the best wine in the world as it connects them and they’ll never forget the laughter and hugs they had during the movie. Which by the way was the worst movie ever.

Does it matter how good something is if you’re sharing it will the one you love? What takes us on a journey of life and where we go as we travel far for school separating the souls but not the hearts.

I do want to say hi to Faye Epic Events who is hard at work making sure Trina & Victor’s wedding day is the most perfect day ever. Love you Faye, thank you for everything you do, you are amazing.

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