Okay, minus getting bitten by a bee I had so much fun. I didn’t actually know I was stung for a few days. Four days come to think about it. I look down to my expanded arm and saw the bee sting. I removed the sting and within an hour I had a normal size arm again. Yah.

Kenna and Sean’s engagement shoot was pretty darn unique. It was located on a Ranch South Calgary with horses with a gorgeous river flowing around the property. One afternoon for someone like me wasn’t long enough for this shoot, hum… A week would have been just fine.

Totally rocking the shoot Kenna and Sean were treated to some amazing photos. I’m a believer in pushing my clients and myself as much as I can to obtain those awesome shots. I’ve a ton of tricks that I use to have fun with the environment if mother nature isn’t given me the mood I’m after. All I need are clients who want to have fun and go full out with me. Needless to say, Sean and Kenna did.

Enjoy the photos and please don’t be shy, leave a comment and share via Facebook below the last image.

Have a fabulous Friday and long weekend.


Hello… Love, Fall Colours… Does it get any better.

Laughter and naturally playing around during an engagement shoot
totally awesome. Naturally capturing organic emotion is
key to a real photo.

Late afternoon warm sun – simply gorgeous

Sunset with Sean and Kenna + two incredible horses

Wow.. Bareback horse riding. I’ve only ridden a horse once and I
couldn’t walk for a few days.
This was so cool.

River crossing fun.
I captured this photo in colour and loved it due to the Fall Season. That said, I really
enjoyed this black and white version. Movement (for me) often looks
better in B&W due to the emotion that B&W photos can hold.


Okay, I’m standing in water getting this photo. I’ve a bee sting but I’m
super happy. Doing pretty much anything to get that
photo is so important to me.

Flowing river. Stunning location.

Movement + Fun. Kenna and Sean rocked everything.

Hello horsey. Experiencing the love that Kenna and Sean had and have for
these horses was truly sensational to watch.

Walking with two horses before heading out for a ride.

A beautiful moment.

Lets gooooo… Wait for mee… Haha.. Joking. I saw this shoot
when I turned and noticed the sunlight.
Had to capture this moment in time.

Lets go running.. yeah…

Almost heading off into the sunset. The evening sky was crazy warm.

Heading back to the ranch.

Kenna laughing at Sean. Can’t remember why but I do know Sean was
pretty darn funny.

Hello Sean..
Totally rocking the environment. Oh don’t look down, the drop was huge to
the river bed.

Saddle up. Lets go horse back riding (with the saddle).

Phew… Not much to say than wow..

Sunset walk with their two horses.
Thank you Sean and Kenna for an amazing time. I’m soo very lucky. xox

Dominique Gruber -
Absolutely beautiful photo shoot with two amazing people!
October 9, 2015
    Geoff Wilkings Photography -
    Thanks Dominique :) It was quite the shoot.
    October 9, 2015