ou want to hike; you want to hop into a helicopter. You don’t mind choosing a dress you can walk in, wearing hiking boots with your dress, or getting your hair messed by the wind from the helicopter. You want to stand high on top of a mountain to say “I DO” with the one you love. If so that is awesome and welcome to Geoff Wilkings Adventure Series.

I fell in love with the Canadian Rockies on my first visit to Canada when I was just 21 years of age. My life changed as I helped maintain an old log cabin that was surrounded by huge trees and humungous mountains.

I get it, and I understand why you want to celebrate your day with just the two of you in a remote location.

Or, if you want to bring along a limited number of special people, this can be arranged too.

Being whisked up into the air via a helicopter is incredible. But, we go a huge step further than just flying. We land in a remote location to left alone as the helicopter flys away. We hike; we venture to find a great place to say, “I DO.” How cool is this!



Select below your choice of adventure

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Hiking Engagement Experience
You love hiking, and you’re very active. Your passion are the mountains, and you want to celebrate your engagement and connection in a location and that is off the beaten track. If so, then this experience is for you.

This experience 2 hours of hiking and taking epic photos
Additional Hiking Time can be added


Heli-Hike Wedding
A helicopter wedding experience where we’re taken to a remote location in the Canadian Rockies. How cool is that? Nobody else will be around, just us! A fantastic experience where you will get married, and then we head for a hike.

This experience includes a helicopter, your certificate guide, marriage commissioner and photographer
2-4 hour adventure


Hiking Wedding Experience
You want to elope to a location that you love which involves hiking to. Let us strap on our hikers and head to that location to get married. Not to worry if you do not have a place in mind, we can assist help chose a fabulous location.

This experience includes your certificate guide and marriage commissioner & photographer
Time variable on the adventure

Bring Along
Your Loved


1. Enquiry

We connect on Skype, Zoom, Facetime, Phone, or in person. I learn what is important to you and get to know you both. It’s where I start getting ideas about your dream day and where we can go.

2. Book

A deposit is taken and contract signed so that your wedding date is secured. I help with fantastic vendors from flowers to your dress. In short, I’m here for you.

3. Timeline

Your personal wedding day timeline is built for you. I want you to have an awesome day, so I believe it’s great having a timeline even if things are tweaked at a later date it’s great having a plan.

4. Best Day Ever

Today is your day to celebrate and have fun — stress-free, happiness, and hugs. Let’s rock your adventure, making sure whatever it takes to have an incredible experience.

5. Editing

I edit your photographs. Waiting is the hardest part for most of my couples the four weeks. I dedicate my love for your pictures, so waiting is hard, but I value the importance of not rushing.

6. Product Delivery

You now get to receive your products or whatever you secured at the time of booking. Many people love Wall Art that can be viewed at OKES Portraits, my dedicated portrait site.



What is an elopement?

Over the years, the definition of “Elope” has changed. It was once known as run away, and secretly get married or, flee with a new lover. Today is more known as a small destination wedding.

After photographing hundreds of weddings and speaking to thousands of people, it is evident that we all have a story. To getaway in a remote location could be for many reasons. You might want to stand on top of a mountain with your partner to say your vowels, and that simplicity is not practical for anyone else to be with you.

Or, your family might not understand the harmonious feeling that you feel when there’s no sound around apart from the wind. With tiny animals popping their heads up with interest wondering what is happening set within the glorious Canadian Rockies. That precious feeling that you get when you hold your partner hand and look away in amazement and wonder of the majestic mountains.

There could be other personal reasons why you want to say “I DO” with you and your partner. I get it, and I’m here to let you know that I understand and I want to help with your celebration. I have partnered with a guide and marriage commissioner; I offer a service where can help plan your day with you.

Whatever the reason why you want to elope is your story, and often it’s hard to explain to anyone else. I have photographed at many locations with weddings of over 500 people, and that wedding can be full of love because it’s about the big celebration with big families. There is no wrong or right. To me, what matters, regardless of the size of your wedding is that two people love each other. Too huge, to laugh and maybe shed a tear. We are here to learn and guide you in creating your fantastic day.

Connect today to chat about your elopement or small destination wedding of up to 10 close friends and or family members.

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Your Wedding Day Your Way

Life is precious and who you spend your life with is everything.

It’s my goal to make your elopement a reality by focusing on what is important to you. 

Let’s talk today about your dream elopement.