Handmade Albums

December 18, 2013

Story Books also are known as albums that I supply for my incredible clients are the very best in the world. Yes, I put my stamp on it and I’m incredibly proud of them.

My clients put in a tremendous amount of work into their wedding day.   Professional photography mixed with my artistic flare (ie how I look at life through the lens), my clients end up with a piece of art as an Heirloom is there afterward to represent their day as it was – truly magical.

My beautiful albums that are handmade for my clients are truly priceless. Think of it this way, if one’s house was burning down what would you grab if you had the chance?  If it’s your photographs then we are on the same page as each other.   One can replace items like a laptop but prints are extremely special and generally speaking prints can not b replaced.  The emotion involved with photographs is second to none.  Seeing my clients have tears of joy when they view their storybook for the first time brings incredible happiness to me. After all, I spend 80+ hours on each wedding and the journey of producing these fine art albums are worth everything.

I am proud to use two incredible companies that hand makes these pieces of art for my amazing clients.