Learning about my clients during their photographic experience is incredible.

I also believe it’s essential that you know about my family and me.
Below are a few things about us that you enjoy.

Before having Charlie and Henry, my photography style was different as I understood and looked at love differently. As soon as Henry and Charlie were born I experienced a new wave of unconditional love which has been incredible. I am honestly the luckiest man alive, the love we all have for each other is

& beautiful.

I am truly the
luckiest man alive

It’s really hard to describe what happens when you have kids but it’s like ones universe changes. With my new appreciation of this love, it was when I valued capturing fabulous photography for others differently. It was like a shift in my life took place in one swoop.

Since that day, my approach changed. I no longer just turn up after a booking. Those days are far gone.

I now speak to individuals who will be part of the photographic experience as I sincerely want to know about you and them.

I was originally from the fabulous city of London England, I traveled to The Canadian Rockies and fell in love with the stunning mountainous environment. Upon returning back to the UK I decided to head out into the big world for some travel time. After my 5 years of “travel time” and with my last dollars I decided to apply for my Canadian Residency and emigrate. My application was approved (YAH) and called Canmore home. After 10 years of living in Canmore, I am now proud to call Calgary my home. It was here I met Tammy (now my wife) and we had two boys and named them Henry and Charlie (I know sooo British)… Lol.

There is so much to chat about for your photography session. I am so looking
forward to speaking with you soon.

Hand selected for you
I use only the finest artisans and highest archrival products available

There is more to photography than buying a camera. Seeing colors the right way. Converting photos correctly to Black & White photographs and making sure skin tones are perfect. Putting subjects in the right light, capture meaningful moments. No fake smiles, genuine hugs, real laughter, unposed and natural moments. What everything comes down to is the print. My beautiful prints are not spun out by a lab who has no idea what to do with colors and using nonarchival paper.

So much in our fabulous digital work has changed the way we take a photo and produce a final piece of artwork. It continuously evolves and we’re in a very exciting time, I wouldn’t change a thing. One thing that my client love are my products which are produced by my hand-selected global artisan. This means that you know when you look up to your Wall Art or view your Album or 11×14″ matted prints they are of the highest archival quality in the world and will last a very very long time.