Banff & Canmore wedding with Rebecca + Chris

March 31, 2016

As a Banff and Canmore professional wedding photographer I love it dearly when I get to photograph in areas I sincerely love. So yes, you’ve guess correctly, Banff and Canmore were the locations for this incredibly fun wedding. Rebecca and Chris and their bridal party were amazing to photograph. Wow, it was such a beautiful wedding.

The above movie is the finished album that I made digitally in the form of a storybook. By pressing the play button you’ll see the complete book in just 4mins.  Below are a few images from their wedding day in case you’re unable to watch the movie at this moment in time. If you’d like learn more about my albums click here.

When I first met Chris and Rebecca at my home studio it was like we’d known each other for years. Easy going conversations and lots of laughter. I knew from that moment in time that their wedding day was going to be amazing. And it was, their wedding day was beyond awesome.

Their engagement photography shoot was in Calgary where they travelled from Edmonton specifically for the session. It was a gorgeous winter day and we explored areas downtown and then headed to Fish Creek for part two of their shoot. As the sun dropped below the horizon, we had fun evening photo shoot before they left for Banff for the night. Needless to say, the rest is history.

On their wedding day, what more can I say. The complete ceremony located at Banff United Church was fabulous. Their  church located just off downtown Banff Ave was stunning. After the ceremony we explored areas in Banff that I sincerely love. Wind guests did materialize when we ventured high along the hillside in Banff but did the slow us down. No way.  After this fabulous stop along the mountainside we hit areas in Canmore before ending the creative part of the day at SilverTip Resort in Canmore

If you’ve not visited SilverTip in Canmore you should. Even if you’re not getting married, just explore the area. It’s amazing.The reception was stunning and the entire staff at Silvertip were on top form. I love it there as everything is simply perfect.

Enjoy the movie and images, and please leave a comment below the final image.


Banff-Canmore-wedding-photographers_001 Wedding shoes of bride Banff-Canmore-wedding-photographers_002 Banff-Canmore-wedding-photographers_003 Banff-Canmore-wedding-photographers_004 Banff-Canmore-wedding-photographers_005 Banff-Canmore-wedding-photographers_007 Shaving photo of groom on wedding day Groom washing on wedding day Banff Church with Groom + Bridal Party Bride with bridesmaids outside Church Married in Banff Walking in the Canadian Rockies Banff Bride and Groom Banff wedding photos Bride and Groom Banff National Park Peeking through the trees in Banff Bride + Groom enjoying some alone time Groom holding bride around the waist Jewelry of bride in Banff Banff wedding photographers The Canadian Rockies Banff Canmore wedding photographers Canmore wedding photographer Geoff Wilkings Groom softly talking to bride Open fields in Canmore The Canadian Rockies Silvertip Resort Canmore Golf Course Silvertip Golf Course Reception Canmore first dance Silvertip Resort


Thanks Madison. I also can’t wait for your wedding day. It’s going to be amazing 🙂

Absolutely amazing. I love them and their not even my photos. I can’t wait!!!!