Banff National Park Wedding

January 9, 2017

When I first spoke with Jason on the phone a few months prior to his and Mazar’s (Jason’s wife) wedding day, I felt totally in love with everything about his day. I was listening to a gentleman who spoke about his future wife with passion, humour and love. Jason wanted to stop at nothing in making this day the most amazing day ever. I have to say, he was setting himself up for one of the most spectacular photographic experiences ever.

Banff National Park Wedding Planners

Jason & Mazar hired Mountainscape Weddings in Banff National Park. Shannon was in charge of all the arrangements and she excels at all aspects of her job.  No doubt, she totally rocked it.  Without question Shannon and Mountainscape Weddings truly exceeded my expectations. Working with a strong team excites me and allows me to focus on my job rather than having to worry about all of the bits and pieces of the day. Their schedule of the wedding day is carefully planned out and no matter what obstacle that may occur, they keep the day rolling smoothly.  Truly an outstanding company and I cannot say enough fabulous things about them all. If you are planning a mountain wedding, please consider them as your wedding planners as this is their specialty.

From Mazar’s gorgeous flowers to her dress, this day was one that kept my creative eyes open. The care and the passion that was involved in this wedding allowed my juices to go wild. I did not want the day to end.  My creative passions were overflowing.  I knew time would go fast.  I told myself, eat little, push yourself and recover tomorrow. Yes, even the photographer has a wedding hangover.

MagMod Light Modifiers

Much of my lighting techniques have reached a stage where I crave simplicity and speed. My absolute favourite ‘goto’ light shaping tool has been and is the MagMod light modifier. For years I’ve had adaptors where I’ve used duct tape or gaffer tape to get the light modifier onto my flash. Pushing and raising the bar to new limits you have to innovate and consistently think to create something amazing for every client. My Magmod modifiers have allowed me to create moods on the fly and with ease. I love this company and how they stand by their products.

Give clients the best and most remarkable work possible

As a international and Banff wedding photographer the way I look at light is pretty unique. As photographers, we’re all different but my style has been to compliment or add light as if it was supposed to be there. I rarely go for the “flash” look but instead I add light that most people say “isn’t that natural light” i.e. you didn’t do anything to the scene. To me, this is the ultimate in compliments.  Unfortunately, this is not valued enough in our industry.  My aim is always the very best photography.  Natural lighting, mood lighting; I rarely, if ever, find the need for ‘slaw photography’.  I produce photography that is world class.  Seeing work from around the world and being part of the World Elite Photographers, it’s my hand on heart goal to produce a product that is outstanding.  I never detour from my goal:  give clients the best and most remarkable work possible, capture their unique wedding day in the best possible and treat them with friendship and respect.  This is my humble goal.

Once the wedding day is over, couples talk and laugh and share all their memories. Unfortunately,  some of those memories are sometimes forgotten.  Therefore, I encourage all my bride and grooms to put those memories in book and print. I offer my clients a range of products from Portrait Art Boxes, Albums and Wall Art.

Enjoy this post, I love it and I’m proud of the work.  Notice the details, lighting, emotions and scenery that every image conveys.  Like every wedding or engagement shoot I photograph, I give my everything, and this wedding shows it all.



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Jimmy Choo wedding shoes –  engagement ring
head piece – earrings – bracelet – flowers

Stunning wedding dress hanging on a door at the Banff Springs Hotel

Hair and Makeup being applied and Henna artwork on Mazar’s feet and legs

Wedding dress is going on

Mazar placing her her jewelry onto her body in her room at the Banff Springs Hotel

Final touches as Mazar sprays herself with perfume and has her wedding veil attached

Veil is on and the day is about to enter it’s next phase

As we waited for the first look to take place we used this moment for a soft and gentle pose

First look at The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel
A gorgeous moment with so much emotion

Friends and Family members greeted Jason and Mazar after their first look

Bridal party having fun together located at the Bow Valley Falls

Bentley moment
Highland VIP Chauffeur
Gerrard Connelly taking care of Mazar and Jason

Natural organic moment inside the Bentley

Laughter and natural giggles

I never ask my clients to kiss. Why? It’s not natural.
However if they kiss organically then that’s the photo I want to capture

Henna artwork on Mazar’s arms
Holding hands with her wedding and engagement ring in full glory

Gerrard holding the door open to his Bentley in Banff letting Mazar and Jason enjoy the moment

Jason was true gentleman.
Helping his wife our of the Bentley as they headed into the woods.

Going for a walk in the woods
The Canadian Rockies Banff National Park

Flowers being held by Mazar

Jason whispering into Mazar’s ear

Elegant moment between two people

I absolutely love this moment in time
Captured and can be kept forever

Jason taking care of his wife

Mazar getting into the Bentley

Gerrard taking care of Mazar as she enters the Bentley

The service that Gerrard gives to his clients is truly outstanding.
A true gentleman and a man with a big heart.

Light peeking through the woods

More giggles and laughter with the warm light entering the Bentley

Mazar leading Jason down
The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel Cascade and Conservatory staircase

Walk around
The Fairmont Banff Spring Hotel Grounds

Walking hand-in-hand

Enjoying the evening sun in the conservatory at
The Banff Springs Hotel

Taking time to walk to enjoy the evening sunset

The Banff National Park – The Canadian Rockies
and a glorious evening sunset

Veil being placed over Jason’s head by Mazar

Sunset surrounded by The Canadian Rockies

Laughter between two gorgeous individuals

Warm evening sun – Banff National Park

I just love this photograph

Stunning moment
Can not get enough of that gorgeous evening sun

Mountainscape weddings reception decor
Amazing and gorgeous work

Grand entrance into the Ballroom
Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel

Speech thanking guest for coming to celebrate their wedding

Jason saying some loving things to his wife

Start of Mazar and Jason’s first dance

First dance and party time
Pez Productions did an outstanding job during this reception

Sudanese wedding ceremony celebration

Back into their Bentley as the evening closes to finish

Blue evening sky
A perfect way to finish the day at
The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel




Vendors on this spectacular wedding were:

Photography:   Geoff Wilkings Photography
Wedding Planning:  Mountainscape Weddings
Decor & Design:  Mountainscape Weddings 
Flowers:  Mountainscape Weddings 
Rental and Linen Items:  Special Event Rentals  & Great Events Rentals
Transportation:   Highland Executive 
Venue:  Fairmont Banff Springs
Cake: Swirl Cakes Lynnette
DJ Services:  Pez productions
Pez productions
Hair: Botega Banff
Stationary: Paper Panache Invitations & Design



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