Brittany + Peter | Banff Alberta Elopement

August 25, 2018

Can you imagine experiencing the ultimate adventure for your elopement? This couple did! They eloped by taking a helicopter to the top of the world.  Their wedding day started in Canmore, Alberta.  Located just 20 kilometers from Banff, Canmore sits in the Canadian Rockies within reach of the gorgeous and famous Banff National Park.  The Canadian Rockies is the perfect place for a destination wedding and provides a unique opportunity for a heli-wedding.  This heli-wedding was organized by the incredible marriage hiking officiant commissioner and guide. Martha is a talented and experienced guide who provides the highest level of service for your heli experience.

Brittany and Peter had their first look located at the Alpine Helicopter base in Canmore, Alberta right outside of their personal helicopter. An emotional first look led us into our private helicopter that thundered quickly into the air.

With excitement flowing in everyone’s veins, we flew over the Rockies to land in a secret location known to our personal Canadian Rockies guide, Martha. Landing softly by the skilled Alpine helicopter pilot we all huddled out of the helicopter and bent down walking to a safe area.

Brittany and Peter held each other and laughed

Grabbing each other tightly, Brittany and Peter held each other and laughed as the helicopter took off with a huge disruption of airflow with Brittany’s wedding dress flowing with the air. Peter held his bride as the Alpine Helicopter took off and within seconds it was peaceful.

The silence that surrounded us was almost deafening and the beauty and magnificence of the towering mountains that were now below were mind-blowing.  We soon came to the realization that we were alone. Nobody was around.  This was truly an elopement that many bride and grooms can only dream about.

Clear skies with the gentle flow of a breeze

As the gracefulness of our surroundings set in, slowly sound did show itself with the gentle singing of birds. Clear skies with the gentle flow of a breeze set for a stunning location that was our private wedding venue in The Canadian Rockies.

Martha is a licensed marriage commissioner and she set the relaxed stage for Peter and Brittany’s vows. As I photographed this lovely couple, I could hardly contain my emotions.  I had to pinch myself that this was real. After emigrating to Canada in the year 2000 and moving to Canmore this really was a dream to be experiencing such a moment.

Brittany and Peter soon kissed and they were married!!!  Much joy, laughter, and hugs were shared and easily captured in a hike set amongst the majestic landscape.  What a fantastic place to have an elopement photography session.

Exploring the sessional scenery with my creativity and being personally guided by Martha, the sun popped in and out supplying me with the perfect light for a dramatic photography shoot.

The Canadian Rockies are huge. With the correct lens, I aimed to capture the environment we were exploring placing Brittany and Peter in locations unknown to them that were breathtaking behind the camera. The human eye is incredible where we see so much but the camera is an exciting dimension that captures a medium resulting in a piece of art.

After the correct editing technics, wedding photographs printed either alone or within a collection piece can be loved forever. Walking into one’s home and seeing this piece of hanging wall art will forever take one back to that very special moment in time. This does come with knowing the average cost of a wedding photographer which is a great read. 

The quietness of The Canadian Rockies vanished

An incredible couple of hours passed, and we hiked back to our pick-up location and within minutes our Alpine Helicopter pilot emerged from the mountain valley. The quietness of The Canadian Rockies vanished as we all squatted as skilled helicopter pilot landed within arms reach of us.

Huddling into the helicopter, seat belts secured we took off to end this incredible experience as we flew through the Rockies. Brittany and Peter’s elopement was fresh as they held each other hand-in-hand as we viewed Canmore’s famous Three Sisters Mountains.

Landing at the Canmore Alpine Helicopter Pad, everyone hugged, and with a marriage license in hand Brittany and Peter left as Mr & Mrs.

I cannot thank Martha enough for creating the most perfect elopement. Combining Martha’s warm character with her awesome knowledge as a guide, and a marriage commissioner, seriously how lucky it would be for any couple to have Martha arrange their heli-wedding day for them.

I am an experienced mountain wedding photographer

If you are looking for an adventure and something different and you want to head out into The Canadian Rockies, Lake Louise, or Moraine Lake we need to meet and chat. I have always been an adventure based person!  I have explored the Rockies by ice climbing, hiking, mountain biking, heli-skiing and was a ski mountaineer for years before deciding I must emigrate to Canada. I am an experienced mountain wedding photographer and yes I’m based in Calgary!   As a Calgary wedding photographer,  I’m always seeking couples who want an amazing experience.  If it’s not at the top of a mountain, let it be at the bottom, or somewhere unique and beautiful to you.  My 12 years of professional photography is yours to explore. Are you ready for an incredible experience, if so, let’s chat?



I love everything about this! I am newly engaged to my boyfriend of eight years! I would LOVE to have an elopement just like this! I will be doing more research and I will be in touch soon! Amazing job!

Thank you Trisha, you absolutely made my day. Being up high in the mountains in remote tranquil location was absolutely breathtaking. During this wedding at times, it was so quiet we had to rub our ears just to make a sound.

I cannot wait to learn what is important to you both and your adventures.

Very nice pictures and Photography Style, greatings from Vienna.

Hello to you in Vienna 🙂 Thank you Val for the kind words. Vienna is on my list of places to visit. I hear it’s absolutely gorgeous.

Beautiful wedding pictures and awesome way to have a wedding.Congrats to the couple😊

Thank you Judy. It was an incredible wedding. Thank you for the kind words.

OMG these are amazing photos such a beautiful moment love it congrats
to the both of you

Thanks Christy, I’m so happy you enjoyed the post 🙂

Fantastic work Geoff. Congrats.